Gagauz alphabet

Gagauz alphabet

The modern Gagauz alphabet, used for the Gagauz language, is a 32-letter Latin-based alphabet modelled on the Turkish alphabet.

Previously, Gagauz used the Greek alphabet and until 1996 [] the Cyrillic alphabet.


In their standard order, the letters of the Gagauz alphabet are:

:A, Ä, B, C, Ç, D, E, Ê, F, G, H, I, İ, J, K, L, M, N, O, Ö, P, R, S, Ş, T, Ţ, U, Ü, V, Y, Z.

Note that dotted and dotless I are separate letters, each with its own uppercase and lowercase form. "I" is the capital form of "ı", and "İ" is the capital form of "i". The Gagauz alphabet has no q, w or x. Instead, those characters are transliterated into Gagauz as k, v and ks.

;SamplePlace names:
Basarabiya (with dotted İ),

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