Recovery point

Recovery point

A recovery point is a part of a car which can be used to recover the vehicle if it becomes stuck (bogged.)

Recovering a vehicle using a recovery point involves attaching a winch or a snatch strap to the recovery point.

Recovery points should be rated - that is, should say what load they are designed to take. Using non-rated parts of a vehicle to recover it can be extremely dangerous. Recovery points may be fitted by the manufacturer, or as an after-market modification.

Of note, snatch straps should never be attached to tow balls, as they are not designed to take the massive load that snatching places upon them. A broken towball attached to a snatch strap is lethal.

Off-roaders should be aware of where the recovery points are located on their vehicles before they require their use. Having recovery points on both the front and back of the vehicle is preferable.

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