Independent may refer to:

*Independent bookstore, a bookstore that is not part of a chain
*Independent business, privately-owned companies
* Independent brewery, craft brewer with less than 25% owned by alcoholic beverage industry member
*Independent city, a city that does not form part of another local government entity
*Independent clothes store, a boutique not associated with the larger retailers
*Independent contractor, an organisation or individual which provides goods or services under terms specified in a contract
*Independent living, a philosophy of working for self-determination, self-respect and equal opportunities
*Independent (politician), not affiliated with any political party
* Independent pub, a free house that is owned independently of a brewery
*Independent publisher, a small press not associated with a major publisher
*Independent (religion), group active during the English Civil War
*Independent school, a school which is not dependent upon national or local government for financing its operation
*Independent sources, in journalism, two or more sources which attest to a given piece of information
*Independent Truck Company, an American skateboarding brand
*Independent (voter), not a member of any political party
*Rochester independent college, a school with a different ethos
*Vickers A1E1 Independent, a British multi-turreted tank designed during the Interwar period In mathematics:
*Independent variable
*Statistical independence

In media, music, and art:
*independent, a 2002 song by Ayumi Hamasaki
*"Independent (album)", 1993 album by Sacred Reich, a thrash metal band from Arizona, USA
*Indie, artistic creations outside the commercial mainstream
*Independent circuit (or "indy"), a professional wrestling show not associated with the major wrestling promotions
*Independent film (or "indie film"), usually a low-budget film that is produced by a small movie studio
*Indie game, video games that are created independently of the financial backing of a large publishing company
*Independent movie about comic book artists, Independents, a new documentary by Chris Brandt narrated by James C. Kaufman.
*Indie music, a number of genres associated with independent labels
*Independent radio, radio stations independent of government or conglomerate interference
*Independent record label (or "indie label"), a record label not associated with a major label
*Independent (song), a 2007 song by Webbie
*Independent station, a television station that is not affiliated with any network
*"Independent Worm Saloon", an album by the Butthole Surfers
*"Irish Independent, newspaper
*ITV (Independent Television), British television channel
*"The Independent", a British newspaper; see also, The Independent (disambiguation)
*The Independent (film), a film starring Ben Stiller and John Lydon
*The Independents (ska band), a band
*The Independents (artist group), a group of modernist painters based in the area of New Hope, Pennsylvania during the early 1930s
*The Independents (vocal group), a 1970s R&B group

In U.S. college sports:
*NCAA Division I-FBS independent schools - Schools which are not members of an NCAA Conference
*NCAA Division I-FCS independent schools - Schools which are not members of an NCAA Conference
*NCAA Division I independents (women's hockey) - Schools which are not members of an NCAA Conference
*NCAA Division II independent schools - Schools which are not members of an NCAA Conference
*NCAA Division III independent schools - Schools which are not members of an NCAA Conference
*NAIA independent schools - Schools which are not members of an NAIA Conference

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