Serbian Crown Jewels

Serbian Crown Jewels

Serbia, like most European nations and former monarchies, has a history of crowns worn by its rulers. Throughout its history, monarchy was a very sacred part of Serbia and to some woven in its very soul. To this day the former monarchy remains popular with some Serbs and its history is reasonably well respected. Serbia has had many rulers and royal families. As such Serbia has several distinct crowns followed by many jewels and other treasures of incredible wealth.

Obrenović Crown

The Obrenović crown closely resembles the Nemanjić crown, and is thought to be the actual crown itself with slight additions. The Obrenović crown has returned to the public and international eye as it was chosen for to be placed on the Serbian Flag and Coat of Arms despite the fact that Serbia is a Republic and no longer a Kingdom. This has had appeal among some sections of the Serbian public who value the history of the monarchy.

Karađorđević Crown

The Karađorđević Crown Jewels were created in 1904 for the coronation of King Peter I. The pieces were made from material that included bronze of Karađorđe's cannon. This gesture was symbolic because 1904 was the 100th anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising. They were made in Paris by the famous Falise brothers jewelery company.

RegaliaThe Serbian Royal Regalia consist of the royal crown, orb and scepters, and the royal mantle. The crown, scepter and orb are decorated with gemstones found in Serbia and enameled in the national colours of red, blue and white. The Royal Mantle is made of purple velvet, embroidered with gold and lined with ermine fur. [ [ Official Website of The Serbian Royal Family ] ]

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* [ Official Website]

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