ARA Bahía Buen Suceso

ARA Bahía Buen Suceso

ARA "Bahía Buen Suceso" (B6) was a 5,000-ton fleet transport that served in the Argentine Navy. It was launched in 1950 and was commissioned in June 1950. She took part of the Falklands War as a logistic ship, intended to ressuply the scattered Argentine garrisons around the islands. Captured by British forces on 15 June after running aground at Fox Bay, she sank in deep waters while being used as target practice by the Royal Navy on 21 October 1982.

Falklands war

The ship landed scrap metal workers on South Georgia on 19 March 1982. She was also involved in the blockade running to the Falkland Islands. She sailed from Stanley towards Falklands Sound on 29 April, before the first British attack. While heading to the south, on 6 May, the naval transport spotted the schooner Penelope, property of the FIC, at anchor along a pier in Speedwell Island. The small craft was taken over by an Argentine prize crew the following day. [Contraalmirante Horacio A. Mayorga [1998] : " No Vencidos". Ed. Planeta, Buenos Aires, page 313. ISBN 950-742-976-X es.] While berthed in Fox Bay East on West Falkland, it was attacked by two BAe Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.1s (XZ500 and ZA191) from HMS "Hermes". Because it was so close to houses the Harriers used their 30 mm ADEN cannons rather than General-purpose bombs. They succeeded in damaging the ship's bridge and engine room, and also setting fire to a paint store and workshop nearby. One of the Harriers was hit in the tail by a 7.62 mm caliber bullet while straffing the transport, though the aircraft was able to return to "Hermes" safely. [cite book |last= Morgan|first= David|title= Hostile Skies|origyear=2006|publisher=Phoenix|isbn=-13 978-0-7538-2199-2|pages=pg 142|chapter=Chapter 6|quote=as a hole from a 7.62millimetre rifle bullet was found in his tail]

After the attack the ship didn't sail again and remained moored in Fox Bay East. In a storm during the conflict it partially tore loose from its moorings and the bow swung on to the beach. Once the war ended, she was towed to San Carlos Water by the tug "Irishman" where the cargo of ammunition was unloaded, then on 21 October 1982 it was towed out to deep water where it was sunk by a combination of Naval gunfire and fire from Sea Harrier FRS.Mk.1s from No. 809 NAS. It was also hit by a torpedo from the submarine HMS "Oynx".


* "Falklands Air War", Chris Hobson, ISBN 1857801261

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