Gear shift

Gear shift

The gear shift is the part of the gearbox which has the shift forks and allows the contact from the driver to the synchronization. Most of the time they are so much like the gear counter plus the reverse gear. And they make it possible to choose the gear (gear ratio) and to switch this in or out. The invention of the gear shift is attributed to Karl Benz.

These are the parts for which it is possible to make an automation. Further these parts can be designed so compact so that it is also possible to build a very modular transmission with less weight. The benefit of the compact build of the shifting is not only the gain of modulation and less weight but also the time during the production and space in the whole drivetrain.

Depending on the space around the whole drivetrain and type of car, for automatisation a hydraulic, pneumatic or electric actuator can be used. For personal cars, a hydraulic or electric actuator is most often used. Further, such a system also needs an electronic application.

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