Coachwhip (comics)

Coachwhip (comics)
Coachwhip, art by Kieron Dwyer.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Captain America #341 (May 1988)
Created by Mark Gruenwald
Kieron Dwyer
In-story information
Alter ego Beatrix Keener
Team affiliations Serpent Society
Abilities Wields electrically-charged chain-whips attached to gauntlets

Coachwhip is a fictional character. She is a supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe, most notably as a member of the Serpent Society.


Publication history

Coachwhip was created by Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer, and first appeared in Captain America #341-342 in May-June 1988.

The character subsequently appears in Uncanny X-Men Annual #13 (1989), Captain America #355 (July 1988), #365 (December 1989), Marc Spector: Moon Knight #10 (January 1990), Captain America #367 (February 1990), #380-382 (December 1990-February 1991), #434-437 (December 1994-March 1995), Captain America v.2 #30-31 (October-November 2004), and Amazing Spider-Man #562-563 (August 2008).

Coachwhip appeared as part of the "Serpent Society" entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89 #6.

Fictional character biography

One of the mercenaries hired by the Viper to aid in her scheme of taking over the Serpent Society, Coachwhip broke into the Serpent Citadel alongside Boomslang and Rock Python. A mysterious woman with a large, polarized visor, Coachwhip wields chain-linked whips connected to her gauntlets which can be electrically charged. During the invasion of the Serpent Society, Coachwhip discovered Diamondback and Sidewinder, who had moments earlier defeated Fer-de-Lance. She quickly attempted to take care of the pair with her whips, but Diamondback managed to use Sidewinder's cape, teleporting the both of them away from the Serpent Citadel. Returning to Viper, Coachwhip was assigned to guard over the members of the Society who were unwilling to obey a new leader, along with Puff Adder. Captain America and Diamondback, in an attempt to save the others, succeeded in defeating Coachwhip with Captain America's shield.[1]

After being abandoned by the Viper, Coachwhip decided to stay with the Serpent Society, and participated in an initiation test alongside Rock Python and Puff Adder. Their mission sent them to battle the Falcon in order to steal his suit. Coachwhip chased after the Falcon into a men's room, where he proceeded to defeat her.[2] Though their mission was a failure, the new leader of the Serpent Society, King Cobra, allowed the criminals to continue to serve with his organization.[3] Coachwhip quickly became enamored with Cobra, and they began a romantic relationship.[4]

Coachwhip later participated in the Acts of Vengeance, where she teamed up with the villains Killer Shrike and the Ringer. Together, they battled the Moon Knight, who managed to defeat Killer Shrike and the Ringer with ease. However, Coachwhip continued to assault Moon Knight with her electric-whips, until a civilian sprayed her with a hose. The electrical charge of her gauntlets caused Coachwhip to be electrocuted, and she was taken into custody.[5] She was later freed from prison by the Serpent Society, and acted as the prosecutor in Diamondback's trial. She was able to convince the other members of the organization of Diamondback's guilt of treason.[6] After Diamondback's escape, Coachwhip was ordered to search Sidewinder's apartment, along with Rattler and Black Racer.[7]

However, after Captain America and his allies invaded the Serpent Society headquarters, Coachwhip and the others quickly returned. During the battle with the heroes, Coachwhip was able to wrap her whips around the throats of Diamondback and Black Mamba. She continued to enhance the charge, but was eventually stopped by Diamondback, who threw a hypodermic needle at Coachwhip's forehead.[8] Much later, she appeared with the Serpent Society as they rebuilt a headquarters in Arizona. Captain America's ally, Free Spirit, infiltrated their headquarters and attacked Coachwhip, defeating her and wearing her disguise. She later regained consciousness and attacked Free Spirit and Jack Flag, until Force Works appeared and defeated the Serpent Society.[9]

Most recently, Coachwhip was seen with the organization as they captured Diamondback and Captain America, who they planned to ransome off. The pair soon escaped, and in the ensuing battle, Coachwhip was defeated.[10]

She appeared in Brand New Day as one of the villains in the bar.[11]

Powers and abilities

Coachwhip employs a pair of steel link whips which extend from wristbands. They can be used as a weapon, disarming of an opponent, or ensnare an opponent's arm. Coachwhip can discharge electrical charges through the whips.

Her eyes are somewhat sensitive to bright light. She wears a polarized strip of material, which provides her with protection against blinding attacks.


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