1959 in literature

1959 in literature

The year 1959 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


*April 30 - Theatrical première of Bertolt Brecht's "Saint Joan of the Stockyards", originally performed on radio in 1932.
*Aldous Huxley turns down the offer of a knighthood.
*First appearance of Astérix the Gaul.
*Colin Dexter begins teaching at Corby Grammar School.
*Frank Herbert begins researching "Dune".
*Frederik Pohl becomes editor of "Galaxy" magazine.
*Marcel Achard is elected to the Académie française.
*D. H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterly's Lover" (1928) legally circulates in the U.S. after a 31 year obscenity ban. (See Grove Press, Inc. v. Christenberry)

New books

*Isaac Asimov - "Nine Tomorrows"
*Saul Bellow - "Henderson the Rain King"
*Robert Bloch - "Psycho"
*Ray Bradbury - "A Medicine for Melancholy"
*John Brunner
**"Echo in the Skull"
**"The World Swappers"
*Algis Budrys - "The Falling Torch"
*William S. Burroughs - "Naked Lunch"
*Taylor Caldwell - "Dear and Glorious Physician"
*Ivy Compton-Burnett - "A Heritage and Its History"
*Richard Condon - "The Manchurian Candidate"
*Alexander Cordell - "Rape of the Fair Country"
*Julio Cortázar - "Las armas secretas" (short stories)
*Richard Crichton - "The Great Impostor"
*Allen Drury - "Advise and Consent"
*Alfred Duggan - "Children of the Wolf"
*Gerald Durrell - "My Family and Other Animals"
*Lawrence Durrell - "Mountolive"
*Ian Fleming - "Goldfinger"
*Paul Gallico - "Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris"
*William Golding - "Free Fall"
*Günter Grass - "The Tin Drum"
*Robert A. Heinlein
**"The Menace From Earth"
**"Starship Troopers"
**"The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag"
*Shirley Jackson - "The Haunting of Hill House"
*William J. Lederer and Eugene L. Burdick - "The Ugly American"
*H. P. Lovecraft and Divers Hands - "The Shuttered Room and Other Pieces"
*John Lymington - "Night of the Big Heat"
*Naguib Mahfouz - "The Children of Gebelaawi"
*Norman Mailer - "Advertisement for Myself"
*James A. Michener - "Hawaii"
*Mervyn Peake - "Titus Alone"
*Robert Randall (pseudonym of Robert Silverberg and Randall Garrett) - "The Dawning Light"
*Mordecai Richler - "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz"
*Philip Roth - "Goodbye, Columbus"
*Robert Ruark - "Poor No More"
*Terry Southern - "The Magic Christian"
*Rex Stout - "Plot It Yourself"
*John Updike - "The Same Door"
*Leon Uris - "Exodus"
*Kurt Vonnegut - "The Sirens of Titan"

New drama

*John Arden - "Serjeant Musgrave's Dance"
*William Gibson - "The Miracle Worker"
*Eugène Ionesco - "Rhinoceros"
*Tennessee Williams - "Sweet Bird of Youth"


*Kenneth Anger - "Hollywood Babylon"
*Thomas B. Costain - "The Three Edwards" (Third book in the Plantagenet or Pageant of England series)
*L. Sprague de Camp - "Engines"
*August Derleth
**"Some Notes on H. P. Lovecraft"
*Savitri Devi - "Impeachment of Man"
*C. S. Forester - "Sink the Bismarck!" aka "The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck"
*Erving Goffman - "The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life"
*Miguel León-Portilla - ""
*Garrett Mattingly - "The Defeat of the Spanish Armada"
*Karl Popper - "The Logic of Scientific Discovery"
*Cornelius Ryan - "The Longest Day"
*William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White - "The Elements of Style"


*March 15 - Ben Okri, poet and novelist
*March 18 - Frédéric-Yves Jeannet, novelist and critic
*May 3 - Ben Elton, British comedian and author
*October 31 - Neal Stephenson - science fiction writer
*"date unknown
**Paul Anderson, journalist
**Maurice Georges Dantec, science fiction author
**R. A. Salvatore, science fiction and fantasy author


*January 3 - Edwin Muir, poet, novelist and translator
*January 29 - Pauline Smith, novelist
*February 22 - Percy F. Westerman, children's author
*February 23 - Luis Palés Matos, poet
*February 28 - Maxwell Anderson, playwright, film writer
*March 26 - Raymond Chandler, American novelist
*April 14 - Julien Josephson, screenwriter
*May 18 - Apsley Cherry-Garrard, explorer and memoirist
*June 23 - Boris Vian, French novelist
*June 30 - José Vasconcelos, political writer
*September 18 - Benjamin Péret, poet
*"date unknown"
**Olga Knipper, widow of Anton Chekhov and star of many of his plays
**Alfred Schütz, philosopher and sociologist


* Hugo Award for Best Novel: James Blish, "A Case of Conscience"
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction: Morris West, "The Devil's Advocate"
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for biography: Christopher Hassall, "Edward Marsh"
* Miles Franklin Award: Vance Palmer, "The Big Fellow"
* Newbery Medal for children's literature: Elizabeth George Speare, "The Witch of Blackbird Pond"
* Nobel Prize for literature: Salvatore Quasimodo
* Premio Nadal: Ana María Matute, "Primera memoria"
* Pulitzer Prize for Drama: Archibald MacLeish, "J. B."
* Pulitzer Prize for Fiction: Robert Lewis Taylor, "The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters"
* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: Stanley Kunitz, "Selected Poems 1928-1958"
* Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry: Francis Cornford

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