Treaty of Paris (1920)

Treaty of Paris (1920)

The 1920 Treaty of Paris was an act signed by Romania and the Principal Allied Powers of the time (France, United Kingdom, Italy and Japan) whose purpose was the recognition of Romanian sovereignty over Bessarabia. [citejournal|title=The Legal Status of the Bukovina and Bessarabia|author=Malbone W. Graham|journal=The American Journal of International Law|date=Oct. 1944|volume=38|issue=4|publisher=American Society of International Law|url=|accessdate=2007-12-08|format=dead link|date=June 2008 – [ Scholar search] ] The treaty however never came into force because Japan failed to ratify it. [citejournal|title=Roma, 1924-1927|author=Ioan Bulei|journal=Magazin Istoric|date=March. 1998|issue=3|publisher=Fundaţia Culturală Magazin Istoric|url=|accessdate=2008-02-26] On April 9, 1918 (old style March 27, 1918), during the chaos of the Russian Civil War, the Bessarabian legislature ("Sfatul Ţării") voted in favor of unification with Romania with 86 votes in favor, 3 against and 36 abstentions, an act regarded as a Romanian invasion by the Russians [Edward Ozhiganov, "The Republic of Moldova: Transdniester and the 14th Army" In: Alexei Arbatov et al., (eds.) "Managing Conflict in the Former Soviet Union: Russian and American Perspectives" (Cambridge: The MIT Press, 1997) pp. 145-209.] .

As with the Treaty of Versailles, it contained the Covenant of the League of Nations and as a result was not ratified by the United States. The United States refused initially to sign the Treaty on the grounds that Russia was not represented at the Conference. [Wayne S Vucinich, "Bessarabia" In: "Collier's Encyclopedia" (Crowell Collier and MacMillan Inc., 1967) vol. 4, p. 103]

The Paris Peace Treaty of October 28, 1920, formally recognized the union of Bessarabia with Romania. The Soviet Union and Japan never recognized this Union. [citeweb|url=|title=Romanian Unity and Moldavian Integration from the 19th Century until WW II|author=Altin Iliriani|publisher=European Research and Information Center, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta - Northern Cyprus|accessdate=2007-12-04]


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