Several fields use or develop the idea of a grid:

Arrays of squares or rectangles

* Grid plan, a city plan in which streets run at right angles to form a grid of city blocks
* Grid view or datagrid, a graphical-user-interface element that presents a tabular view of data
* Grid graph, in graph theory
* Grid (typography), laying out of a page using a grid of different-sized and -shaped rectangles
* Grid (spatial index), a method for organizing information: for example in a database

In science, mathematics and technology

* Mesh (mathematics) or a regular grid or unstructured grid
** Cartesian grid
** rectilinear grid
** curvilinear grid
** structured grid
* Electric power transmission, a long-distance high-voltage network for power transmission, also known as the:
** transmission grid or
** the electrical grid
** Smart Grid, an upgraded power grid
* In computing:
** grid computing, an example of distributed computing
** World Community Grid, a platform for distributed computing projects (an example of grid computing)
** Grid (computer manufacturer), a maker of laptop computers in the 1980s
** LHC Computing Grid, a distribution network designed by CERN to handle the massive amounts of data produced by the Large Hadron Collider.
* In vacuum-tube technology:
** control grid
** screen grid
** suppressor grid


* Grid, Braşov, a village in Pârâu Commune, Braşov County, Romania
* Grid, Hunedoara, a village in the town of Călan, Hunedoara County, Romania

In popular culture

* The Grid, a late eighties/early nineties electronic dance group
* The Grid (arcade game), an arcade game released in 2001
* The Grid (TV series), a television series produced in 2004
* Grid (album), the eighth original album by the Japanese band M.O.V.E
* "", a racing video game

Other uses

* Grid (Jotun), a giantess in Norse mythology

Acronym usage

* BioGRID, a database of biological interactions hosted at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada
* Gay related immune deficiency (GRID), a name used for AIDS until 1982
* Global Release Identifier (GRid)
* Group for Rural India Development (GRID)
* GRID, the short-hand name for an ESRI GRID file



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