Graphics file format

Graphics file format

Graphics file formats can be divided into four categories:

Image file formats, also called raster graphics or bitmap files, contain a representation of a graphic stored as pixels at a fixed resolution. An example is a photographic digital image or scanned image. Some of the most common image formats include GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP. Image formats are commonly used in documents and on the Web. Images are edited using paint programs or bitmap editors.

Vector graphics are defined through mathematical expressions and are resolution-independent and scalable. Examples of vector formats are AI, DXF, CGM, MIF and SVG. Examples of vector graphics are illustrations, line art, logos and CAD drawings. Vector graphics are edited using draw programs or other illustration programs.

Metafile formats are portable and can include contain both raster and vector information. Examples are application-independent formats such as WMF and EMF. The metafile format is an intermediate format. Most Windows applications open metafiles and then save them in their own native format.

Page description language refers to formats used to describe the layout of a printed page containing text, objects and images. Examples are PostScript, PDF and PCL.

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