1950 in literature

1950 in literature

The year 1950 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


*Kazuo Shimada (1907-1996) wins the "Mystery Writer Of Japan" award for his book "Shakai-bu Kisha" ("City Reporter").
*Jack Kerouac has his first novel published.
*Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is sent to a "special camp" for political prisoners in Kazakhstan
*Dalton Trumbo co-writes the script of "Gun Crazy" under the pseudonym Millard Kaufman because of his imprisonment for contempt of court.
*Adrian Bell begins writing his "Countryman’s Notebook" column in the "Eastern Daily Press".

New books

*Marguerite de Angeli - "The Door in the Wall"
*Isaac Asimov - "I, Robot"
*Ray Bradbury - "The Martian Chronicles"
*Gwen Bristow - "Jubilee Trail"
*Pearl S. Buck - "The Child Who Never Grew"
*John Dickson Carr writing as "Carter Dickson" - "Night at the Mocking Widow"
*William Cooper - "Scenes from Provincial Life"
*A. J. Cronin - "The Spanish Gardener"
*L. Sprague de Camp and P. Schuyler Miller - "Genus Homo"
*L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt - "The Castle of Iron"
*William Demby - "Beetlecreek"
*Daphne du Maurier - "The Parasites"
*Ford Madox Ford - "Parade's End"
*Hugh Garner - "Cabbagetown"
*Frank Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey - "Belles on Their Toes"
*Giovanni Guareschi - "The Little World of Don Camillo"
*Frank Hardy - "Power Without Glory"
*Ernest Hemingway - "Across the River and Into the Trees"
*John Hersey - "The Wall"
*Robert E. Howard - "Conan the Conqueror"
*Jack Kerouac - "The Town and the City"
*Frances Parkinson Keyes - "Joy Street"
*Doris Lessing - "The Grass Is Singing"
*C. S. Lewis - "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"
*Rose Macaulay - "The World My Wilderness"
*Juan Carlos Onetti - "La vida breve (A Brief Life)"
*Cesare Pavese - "La luna e i falò"
*Barbara Pym - "Some Tame Gazelle"
*Ellery Queen - "Double, Double"
*Conrad Richter - "The Town"
*Henry Morton Robinson - "The Cardinal"
*Cezaro Rossetti - "Kredu min, sinjorino!"
*Budd Schulberg - "The Disenchanted"
*Rex Stout - "Three Doors to Death"
*Rex Stout - "In the Best Families"
*Edith Templeton - "Summer In The Country"
*James Thurber - "The 13 Clocks"
*A. E. van Vogt - "The Voyage of the Space Beagle"
*Mika Waltari - "The Adventurer"
*Evelyn Waugh - "Helena"
*Kathleen Winsor - "Star Money"
*Frank Yerby - "Floodtide"

New drama

*Bertolt Brecht - "The Tutor"
*Christopher Fry - "Venus Observed"
*Kermit Hunter - "Unto These Hills"
*William Inge - "Come Back, Little Sheba"
*Eugène Ionesco - "La cantatrice chauve"


*Leah Bodine Drake - "A Hornbook for Witches"
*Pablo Neruda - "Canto General"


*Roland Bainton - "Here I Stand:A Life of Martin Luther"
*E. H. Gombrich - "The Story of Art"
*Thor Heyerdahl - "Kon-Tiki"
*Lionel Trilling - "The Liberal Imagination"
*Raymond Williams - "Reading and Criticism"
*Cecil Woodham-Smith - "Florence Nightingale"


*January 25 - Gloria Naylor, African American author
*February 11 - Mauri Kunnas, Finnish children’s author
*May 1 - Francis Briddick, English poet and lyrist
*July - Zhang Kangkang, Chinese writer
*September 7 - Peggy Noonan, columnist, political writer
*September 20 - James Blaylock, American fantasy author
*October 17 - David Adams Richards, Canadian author
*October 27 - Fran Leibowitz, American writer
*Barbara Gowdy - Canadian novelist
*Susan Eloise Hinton, American author


*January 5 - Basil Williams, historian
*January 21George Orwell, novelist
*February 13 - Rafael Sabatini, novelist
*March 19Edgar Rice Burroughs, "Tarzan" author
*May 6 - Agnes Smedley, American journalist and writer known for chronicling the Chinese Civil War
*May 11 - Alfred O. Andersson, newspaper publisher
*May 13 - F. E. Compton, publisher of reference books
*September 6 - Olaf Stapledon, philosopher and science-fiction author
*October 9 - Nicolai Hartmann, philosopher
*October 19 - Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet
*November 2 - George Bernard Shaw
*November 25 - Johannes Vilhelm Jensen, Danish author
*December 28 - Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky, short-story writer
*"date unknown"
**John Mooney, Orkney historian
**Cezaro Rossetti, Esperanto writer
**Helen Rowland, journalist and humorist
**Xavier Villaurrutia, poet and dramatist
**Cuthbert Whitaker, editor of "Whitaker's Almanack"


* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction: Robert Henriques, "Through the Valley"
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for biography: Cecil Woodham-Smith, "Florence Nightingale"
* Newbery Medal for children's literature: Marguerite de Angeli, "The Door in the Wall"
* Newdigate prize: John Bayley
* Nobel Prize for Literature: Earl (Bertrand Arthur William) Russell
* Premio Nadal: Elena Quiroga, "Viento norte'’
* Pulitzer Prize for Drama: Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II, Joshua Logan, "South Pacific"
* Special Life Time Award: Francis Briddick
* Pulitzer Prize for Fiction: A. B. Guthrie, Jr., "The Way West"
* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: Gwendolyn Brooks, "Annie Allen"

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