1943 in literature

1943 in literature

The year 1943 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


*George Orwell resigns from the BBC to become literary editor of "Tribune".
*Isaac Bashevis Singer becomes a naturalized citizen of the United States.
*Jack Kerouac joins the US Navy.
*C. S. Lewis makes a series of radio broadcasts that will be adapted as "Mere Christianity".
*Tristan Bernard is released from the Drancy deportation camp.
*The FBI places Richard Wright under surveillance.
*Philip Larkin graduates from Oxford and obtains his first post as a librarian.

New books

*Sholem Asch - "The Apostle"
*Henry Bellamann - "Victoria Grandolet"
*Enid Blyton - "The Magic Faraway Tree"
*John Dickson Carr writing as "Carter Dickson" - "She Died A Lady"
*Raymond Chandler - "The Lady in the Lake"
*Agatha Christie - "Towards Zero"
*Colette - "Le Képi"
*Roald Dahl - "Gremlins"
*Howard Fast - "Citizen Tom Paine"
*C. S. Forester - " The Ship"
*Robert Graves - "Claudius the God"
*Elizabeth Janet Gray - "Adam of the Road"
*Graham Greene - "Ministry of Fear"
*H. P. Lovecraft - "Beyond the Wall of Sleep"
*Naguib Mahfouz - "Rhadopis of Nubia"
*C. L. Moore - "Earth's Last Citadel"
*Kate O'Brien - "The Last of Summer"
*Carl Offord - "The White Face"
*E. Phillips Oppenheim - "Mr. Mirakel"
*Roger Peyrefitte - "Les amitiés particulières"
*Ellery Queen - "There Was an Old Woman"
*Ayn Rand - "The Fountainhead"
*Antoine de Saint-Exupery - "The Little Prince"
*Betty Smith - "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"
*Kylie Tennant - "Ride on Stranger"
*H. G. Wells - "Crux Ansata"
*Chancellor Williams - "The Raven"
*Virginia Woolf - "A Haunted House and Other Short Stories" (published anonymously)

New drama

*Thornton Wilder - "The Skin of Our Teeth"


*"A Choice of Kipling's Verse" edited by T. S. Eliot


*Julius Evola - "The Doctrine of Awakening"
*C. S. Lewis - "The Abolition of Man"
*Reinhold Niebuhr - "The Nature and Destiny of Man"
*Jean-Paul Sartre - "Being and Nothingness"
*Stephan Zweig - "World of Yesterday".


* January 4 - Doris Kearns Goodwin, writer
* January 11 - Jim Hightower, radio host, author
* February 15 - Elke Heidenreich, journalist and writer
* February 18 - Graeme Garden, writer, comedian, actor
* February 22 - Terry Eagleton, critic
* March 26 - Bob Woodward, journalist
* April 30 - Paul Jennings, children's author
*May 5 - Michael Palin, comedy writer and television personality
*May 7 - Peter Carey, Booker Prize-winning novelist
* May 8 - Pat Barker, Booker Prize-winning novelist
* June 15 - Xaviera Hollander, "Happy Hooker" author
* July 16 - Reinaldo Arenas, Cuban writer (d. 1990)
* November 5 - Sam Shepard, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, writer, actor
*November 12 - Wallace Shawn, actor and dramatist
* December 9 - Joanna Trollope, novelist
* "date unknown" - L. E. Modesitt, Jr., fantasy and science fiction writer
* "date unknown" - Gwynne Dyer, journalist
* "date unknown" - Max Clifford, publicist
* "date unknown" - Simon Jenkins, journalist
* "date unknown" - Charles Murray, "Bell Curve" author
* "date unknown" - Sheila Rowbotham, feminist author
* "date unknown" - Christopher Priest, science fiction author


* January 9 - R. G. Collingwood, philosopher and historian
* March 10 - Lawrence Binyon, poet and scholar
* April 30 - Beatrice Webb
* May - Arthur Mee, editor of the "Children's Encyclopaedia"
* August 24 - Simone Weil, philosopher
* October 7 - Radclyffe Hall, controversial author
* December 22 - Beatrix Potter, Children's author
* "date unknown" - Guido Mazzoni, poet
* "date unknown" - F. M. Cornford, poet


* Frost Medal: Edna St. Vincent Millay
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction: Mary Lavin, "Tales from Bective Bridge"
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for biography: G. G. Coulton, "Fourscore Years"
* Newbery Medal for children's literature: Elizabeth Janet Gray, "Adam of the Road"
* Nobel Prize for literature: "not awarded"
* Pulitzer Prize for Drama: Thornton Wilder, "The Skin of Our Teeth"
* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: Robert Frost: "A Witness Tree"
* Pulitzer Prize for the Novel: Upton Sinclair - "Dragon's Teeth"

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