1935 in literature

1935 in literature

The year 1935 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


*Penguin Books publishes the first "paperback" book.
*W. H. Auden enters a marriage of convenience with Erika Mann.

New books

*Maxwell Anderson - "Winterset"
*Enid Bagnold - "National Velvet"
*Pearl S. Buck - "A House Divided"
*Edgar Rice Burroughs - "Tarzan and the Leopard Men"
*Erskine Caldwell - "Journeyman"
*Morley Callaghan - "They Shall Inherit the Earth"
*Elias Canetti - "Die Blendung"
*John Dickson Carr
**"The Hollow Man" (aka "The Three Coffins")
**(writing as "Carter Dickson") "The Red Widow Murders"
**(writing as "Carter Dickson") "The Unicorn Murders"
*Solomon Cleaver - "Jean Val Jean"
*Robert P. Tristram Coffin - "Red Sky in the Morning"
*A. J. Cronin - "The Stars Look Down"
*Franklin W. Dixon - "The Hidden Harbor Mystery"
*Lawrence Durrell - "Pied Piper of Lovers"
*E.R. Eddison - "Mistress of Mistresses"
*James T. Farrell - "Studs Lonigan - A Trilogy"
*Rachel Field - "Time Out of Mind"
*Charles G. Finney - "The Circus of Dr. Lao"
*George Wylie Henderson - "Ollie Miss"
*Georgette Heyer–"Death in the Stocks"
*Anna Kavan (writing as Helen Ferguson) - "A Stranger Still"
*André Malraux - "Le Temps du mépris"
*John Masefield - "The Box of Delights"
*Alberto Moravia - "Le ambizioni sbagliate"
* R. K. Narayan - "Swami and Friends"
*George Orwell
**"Burmese Days"
**"A Clergyman's Daughter"
*Ellery Queen
**"The Spanish Cape Mystery"
**"The Lamp of God"
*Charles Ferdinand Ramuz - "When the Mountain Fell"
*Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings - "Golden Apples"
*George Santayana - "The Last Puritan"
*Dorothy L. Sayers - "Gaudy Night"
*Monica Shannon - "Dobry"
*John Steinbeck - "Tortilla Flat"
*Rex Stout - "The League of Frightened Men"
*B. Traven - "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"
*S. S. Van Dine - "The Garden Murder Case"
*Stanley G. Weinbaum - "The Lotus Eaters"
*Laura Ingalls Wilder - "Little House on the Prairie"

New drama

*T. S. Eliot - "Murder in the Cathedral"
*Jean Giraudoux - "La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu (The Trojan war will not take place)"
*Clifford Odets - "Waiting for Lefty"
*Lawrence Riley - "Personal Appearance"
*Emlyn Williams - "Night Must Fall"


*"See 1935 in poetry"


*George Dangerfield - "The Strange Death of Liberal England"
*John Maynard Keynes - "The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money"
*Gerald M. Loeb–"The Battle for Investment Survival"
*Nigel Tranter - "The Fortalices and Early Mansions of Southern Scotland 1400-1650"


* January 30 - Richard Brautigan, writer and poet
* February 5 - Sandra Paretti, author (+ 1994)
* March 1 - Judith Rossner, writer
* March 23 - Barry Cryer, comedy writer
* April 14 - Erich von Däniken, "Chariots of the Gods" author
* April 15 - Alan Plater, screenwriter
* May 2 - Lynda Lee-Potter, columnist (+ 2004)
* August 15 - Régine Deforges, dramatist, publisher, and author of France's best-selling novel ever
* August 22 - E. Annie Proulx, novelist
* September 17 - Ken Kesey, novelist
* October 7 - Thomas Keneally, Australian novelist
* December 13 - Adélia Prado, Brazilian writer and poet


*February 7 - Lewis Grassic Gibbon, novelist
*April 6 - Edwin Arlington Robinson, poet
*April 11 - Anna Katharine Green, crime writer
*April 18 - Panait Istrati, Romanian novelist and short story writer
*May 19 - T. E. Lawrence, "Lawrence of Arabia"
*August 11 - Sir William Watson, traditionalist poet
*August 17 - Charlotte Perkins Gilman, author
*August 30 - Henri Barbusse, French novelist and journalist
*September 29 - Winifred Holtby, English novelist
*October 11 - Steele Rudd, short story writer
*November 30 - Fernando Pessoa, poet
*December 21 - Kurt Tucholsky, German journalist and satirist


* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction: L. H. Myers, "The Root and the Flower"
* James Tait Black Memorial Prize for biography: R. W. (Raymond Wilson) Chambers, "Thomas More"
* Newbery Medal for children's literature: Monica Shannon, "Dobry"
* Nobel Prize for literature: not awarded
* Pulitzer Prize for Drama: Zoe Akins, "The Old Maid"
* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: Audrey Wurdemann: "Bright Ambush"
* Pulitzer Prize for the Novel: Josephine Winslow Johnson - "Now in November"

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