Movement of the Future

Movement of the Future
Tayyar Al Mustaqbal
تيار المستقبل
Leader Saad Hariri
Founder Rafik Hariri
Founded 1992, Officially August 2007, declared April 5th, 2009
Headquarters Lebanon Beirut, Lebanon
Ideology Liberalism, Economic liberalism, Classical liberalism, Capitalism
Religion Officially secular (Mainly Sunni Muslims)
Parliament of Lebanon
26 / 128
Cabinet of Lebanon
0 / 30
Official Site
Politics of Lebanon
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Future Movement (Arabic: تيار المستقبل, Tayyar Al Mustaqbal) (FM) is a Lebanese political movement, led by MP Saad Hariri, the younger son of the assassinated former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri.

The movement is the largest member of the March 14 Alliance, which won a majority of the seats in the 2009 parliamentary elections.

The Party was officially founded in August 2007, yet it was only declared on April 5, 2009 in a convention held at the BIEL convention center in Beirut.



Future Movement is part of the March 14 Alliance that includes, amongst many groups, the Christians associated with the Lebanese Forces and Kataeb parties (main 2 allies of FM). Most of its base is made up of Sunni Muslims.

The main opponent of Future Movement is the March 8 Alliance, most important parts being Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) led by General Michel Aoun and the Shia Hezbollah and Amal Movements. There are also other opponents that are neither with March 8 Alliance nor March 14 Alliance such as Hizb ut-Tahrir, that advocates the re-establishment of the Islamic caliphate.

Opposition to Hezbollah

In 2011, an official of the Future Movement warned that Hezbollah “has all the characteristics of a terrorist party”, and that Hezbollah is moving Lebanon toward the Iranian Islamic system of government.[1]


The future Movement has an important media presence in Lebanon and internationally. Media outlets expressing the Movement's views include Future Television, Future News, Radio Orient and Al-Mustaqbal daily newspaper.

Future Television

Rafik Hariri launched in the year 1993, a television station that supports the Future Movement's and the March 14 Alliance's views.

Future News

Future News was launched in the year 2007, a 24-hour news channel that supports the Future Movement's and March 14 Alliance's views.

Radio Orient (Lebanon) Radio Station

Radio Orient Logo

Rafik Hariri launched in the year 1995 a radio station targeted to Lebanon and the whole world that supports the Future Movement's and March 14 Alliance views.

The station is better known by its Arabic name إذاعة الشرق.

It is broadcast on 88.3 MHz and 88.7 MHz on the FM mainly in Arabic, with some hours in English and French.

Al-Mustaqbal Newspaper

Al Mustaqbal newspaper Logo

Rafik Hariri launched Al-Mustaqbal in the year 1995. The newspaper supports the Future Movement's and March 14 Alliance views.

Future Youth

The Future Movement's youth wing, Future Youth, is a member of the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY), and hosted the 2009 IFLRY Executive conference in Beirut. Already in November 2010 they hosted another IFLRY-event, this time the General


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