1899 in literature

1899 in literature

The year 1899 in literature involved some significant new books.


*Edgar Rice Burroughs begins working in his father's business.
*Rainer Maria Rilke travels to Moscow to meet Leo Tolstoy.
*Arthur Machen's wife Amy dies after a long illness, an event that has a devastating effect on him.
*The Irish Literary Theatre is founded by William Butler Yeats, Augusta, Lady Gregory, George Moore and Edward Martyn

New books

*Machado de Assis - "Dom Casmurro"
*René Bazin - "La terre qui meurt"
*René Boylesve - "Demoiselle Cloque"
*Mary Elizabeth Braddon - "His Darling Sin"
*Rhoda Broughton - "The Game and the Candle"
*Charles Waddell Chesnutt - "The Conjure Woman"
*Mary Cholmondeley - "Red Pottage"
*Kate Chopin - "The Awakening"
*Ralph Connor - "The Sky Pilot"
*Margaret Deland - "Old Chester Tales"
*Géza Gárdonyi - "Eclipse of the Crescent Moon"
*Maxim Gorky - "Foma Gordyeeff"
*G. A. Henty - "The Golden Canon"
*Henry James - "The Awkward Age"
*Octave Mirbeau - "The Torture Garden"
*Arthur Morrison - "To London Town"
*Frank Norris
*Leo Tolstoy - "Resurrection"
*Émile Zola - "Fécondité"

New drama

*Anton Chekov - "Uncle Vanya"
*Leon Kobrin - "Minna or, The Ruined Family from Downtown"


*Stéphane Mallarmé - "Poésies" (posthumously published)


*Qasim Amin - "The Liberation of Women".
*Edward Bernstein - "Evolutionary Socialism".
*Percy Dearmer - "The Parson's Handbook".
*John Dewey - "The School and Society".
*Elbert Hubbard - "A Message to Garcia".


*January 17 - Nevil Shute, novelist
*February 23 - Erich Kästner, children's author
*March 25 - Jacques Audiberti (d. 1965)
*April 22 - Vladimir Nabokov, novelist (d. 1977)
*May 8 - Friedrich Hayek, social scientist
*July 21
**Ernest Hemingway, novelist (d. 1961)
**Hart Crane, poet (d. 1932)
*August 9 - P. L. Travers, "Mary Poppins" author
*August 24 - Jorge Luis Borges (d. 1986)
*August 27 - C. S. Forester, adventure novelist (d. 1966)
*November 10 - Kate Seredy, children's author
*December 16 - Noel Coward, playwright (d. 1973)
*December 18 - Peter Wessel Zapffe, philosopher (d. 1990)


*February 10 - Archibald Lampman, poet
*March 16 - Alexander Balloch Grosart, literary editor
*May 1 - Ludwig Büchner, philosopher
*May 16 - Francisque Sarcey, journalist and theatre critic
*June 7 - Augustin Daly, dramatist and theatre manager
*June 30 - E. D. E. N. Southworth, novelist
*July 18 - Horatio Alger, Jr.
*August 29 - Catharine Parr Traill, English-born author of "Canadiana"
*October 25 - Grant Allen, author
*November 13 - Arthur Giry, historian
*December 22 - Dwight L. Moody, preacher and publisher
*"date unknown"
**Anna Swanwick, feminist writer
**Vendela Hebbe, journalist, writer, novelist.



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