Arab Democratic Nasserist Party

Arab Democratic Nasserist Party
Arab Democratic Nasserist Party
الحزب العربى الديمقراطى الناصرى
Chairman Diaa Eldin Daoud
Founded April 19, 1992
Headquarters Cairo
Newspaper Al-Arabi Newspaper - Weekly
Ideology Arab Nationalism, Pan-Arabism, Arab Socialism
Politics of Egypt
Political parties

The Arab Democratic Nasserist Party (Arabic: الحزب العربى الديمقراطى الناصرى‎) is a Nasserist political party in Egypt, styling itself as the ideological successor of the old Arab Socialist Union party of Egypt's second president, Gamal Abdel Nasser.

At the 2000 parliamentary elections, the party won three out of 454 seats. However, at the most recent legislative elections in November and December 2005, the party failed to win any seats.


The economic liberalizations, and foreign policy changes implemented by Nasser's successor as president, Anwar El Sadat, alienated many ideological Nasserists in the late 1970s and early 1980s. One illegal group, the Thawrat Misri, or Egyptian Revolution was formed in 1980. After it was broken up by the government, several of Nasser's relatives were shown to be involved.

Ideological Nasserists gravitated to either the Socialist Labor Party or the NPUF throughout the rest of the decade. They were finally allowed to have an open legal party, the Arab Democratic Nasserist Party, led by Diya al-din Dawud, in 1992.


The party platform calls for:

  • Social change towards progress and development.
  • Defence and freedom of national will.
  • Renouncing violence and combating terrorism.
  • Protecting public freedoms.
  • Enhancing the role of the public sector.
  • Modernizing the Egyptian industries.
  • Developing the agriculture sector.
  • Encouraging inter-Arab economic integration.
  • Providing free-of-charge medical treatment for citizens.
  • Promoting peace in the world arena.


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