CDM (disambiguation)

CDM (disambiguation)

CDM may stand for:
* Coalition for a Democratic Majority, a conservative group of Democrats in the '70s and 80's
* Cadbury's Dairy Milk
* Celebrity Deathmatch, a claymation TV series
* Clean Development Mechanism, a Kyoto Protocol mechanism to assist industrialized countries reducing their greenhouse gas emissions
* Cold dark matter, a scientific theory
* Ceramic discharge metal halide lamp, a light source
* Cervejas de Moçambique, a brewery in Mozambique affiliated with SABMiller
* Cinematic Death Mambo, a genre of music
* Code division multiplexing
* Council of Diaspora Métis, an international non-governmental organization representing Métis People outside of Canada
* Compact Disc Maxi single
* Charged Device Model; used in electrostatic discharge testing
* Common Diagnostic Model
* Consumer Demand Management
* Cisco Content Distribution Manager
* Conceptual data model
* CDM (racing team), Formula 3000 racing team competed in 1989
* Course Description Metadata, an XML Schema-based specification for educational data
* Cross-Differentiate-Multiply, a demodulator
* Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, California, A Beach and Community in Newport Beach, California
* Construction Design & Management Regulations (UK)
* Common Data Model
* Charge Description Master, list of hospital services with assigned charges
* CDM Call Centre, a Sydney-based call centre

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