Apache (disambiguation)

Apache (disambiguation)

Apache is the name of a group of related Native American tribes or a member of these tribes.

Apache may also refer to:


*Apache HTTP Server, web server software
**Apache Software Foundation, creators of the Apache HTTP Server software
**Apache License, an open-source license authored by the Apache Software Foundation
*"Apache" (computer game), a 1995 flight simulator by Team17


*AH-64 Apache, an attack helicopter in service with the United States Army
**Westland WAH-64 Apache, a version built for the British Army
*MBDA Apache, a French missile system


*Apache, Oklahoma, a city in Oklahoma, United States
*Apache County, Arizona, a county in Arizona, United States

Arts and entertainment

*"Apache" (novel), a novel by Will Levington Comfort
*"Apache" (film), a 1954 western by Robert Aldrich and starring Burt Lancaster
*"Apaches" (public information film), an educational health and safety film
*Apache ("Bleach"), a character in the anime and manga series "Bleach"
*Apache ("Transformers"), a Maximal character in the "Transformers" universe

Music and dance

*Apache (dance), a form of dance in the 1920s
*Apache (dance move), a dance move used in Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, and Salsa
*"Apache" (instrumental), a 1960 instrumental by The Shadows and covered by Sugarhill Gang and Tommy Seebach
*Apache (rapper), a 1990s rapper from New Jersey


*Laredo Apaches, a defunct baseball team in Laredo, Texas

Other uses

*Apache language, a subfamily of Athabaskan languages spoken by various groups of Apache and Navajo peoples
*Apache (gang), a Parisian underworld subculture of the late 1800s and early 1900s
**Apache revolver, a weapon used by Apache gangs
*Apache Corporation, an oil and gas company based in Houston, Texas, United States
*Chevrolet Apache, a light truck
*APACHE II, an acute physiology and chronic health evaluation system
* Apache, nickname for Argentine footballer Carlos Tévez
*Apaches, a Japanese term for scrap metal scavengers, notably used in the novel "Japan's Threepenny Opera" by Takeshi Kaiko

ee also

*Apache Chief, a fictional Native American superhero from "Super Friends"
*Les Apaches, a French society of composers and artists
*Apache Indian or Steven Kapur, British-Indian bhangra-reggae DJ
*The Apache Kid (disambiguation)
*Apache Group

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