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FK Vojvodina

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clubname = FK Vojvodina

fullname = Fudbalski klub Vojvodina
nickname = "Voša", "Slaninari", "Lale"
founded = 1914
ground = Karađorđe Stadium
capacity = 15,500
chairman = flagicon|Serbia Vojislav Gajić [ [ Vojvodina dobila novog predsednika, "Press", June 24, 2008] ]
manager = flagicon|Serbia Dragoljub Bekvalac
league = Serbian Superliga
season = 2007-08
position = 3rd
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FK Vojvodina (Serbian Cyrillic: ФК Војводина) is a football club from Novi Sad, in the autonomous region of Vojvodina, Serbia, which it represents. It currently competes in the Serbian Superliga. FK Vojvodina is the oldest football club in Serbia's elite league.


The club was founded in 1914. The club's colors, red-white, were chosen to be the same as of FC Slavia Prague. The club's biggest successes on the national level came during the SFRY when it won the Yugoslav First League in 1966 and 1989, and was the runner-up in 1957, 1962 and 1975. In 1967, Vojvodina reached the quarter-finals of the European Cup, before being knocked out in dramatic circumstances 2-1 on aggregate by eventual champions, Glasgow Celtic, courtesy of a last minute goal by Celtic captain Billy McNeill. After winning the European Cup by beating Inter Milan 2-1 in Lisbon on May 25, 1967, Celtic players said later that Vojvodina was the best side they had faced that season.

It also participated in the Yugoslav Cup and reached the finals in 1951 and 1997. Vojvodina played in the Intertoto cup final in 1998. In 2007, the club once again reached the domestic cup final, again failing to take home the trophy.

Note that "Vojvodina" is also the name of basketball, volleyball, ice hockey and baseball teams under the same leadership.


The home field of FK Vojvodina is the Karađorđe Stadium in Novi Sad. With a capacity of 21,000 seats, it is the largest football stadium in the city. The stadium is also the home ground for the Serbian U-21 football team. In late May 2007, the stadium also was the site of Siniša Mihajlović's testimonial match.

In 2006, the club reconstructed the whole club complex "SC Vujadin Boškov" along with the stadium. The club's training complex is one of the most modern training camps in the region. In light of the Universiade 2009, the club will install new reflectors.


FK Vojvodina's supporters are known as The Firm ("Firma").

"The following is a description from the supporters."

The Firm is an organized group of supporters which accepts only true fans of Vojvodina who will show appreciation and love towards the club by supporting it at home, and away games as well, by cheering unanimously and with all the other activities that are part of the supporter life style.

The Firm has had a grand entrance in the new century and one can say that we are one of the most attractive and most modern supporter groups in the region, although our team is not having the best results in the national championship and we did not compete in European Cups for several years.

We are trying very hard to help our team to get back on its feet by giving advice and by participating in the Club Assembly because we all know what has happened in the last decade of the previous century.

We will do anything to protect the image of our club and to try to lead it back to the paths of old glory as we would like to make our old supporters come back to the terrace. Also, we will do everything in our power to motivate younger generations to come to the stadium. The mentality of the people of Novi Sad is starting to switch and again it is as it was in the old days, when most of the Novi Sad citizens supported Vojvodina.

UEFA competitions (1998-2009)

UEFA Intertoto Cup 1998

First round

flagicon|NOR Stabæk - flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina 1:2
flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina - flagicon|NOR Stabæk 3:2

Second round

flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina - flagicon|SWE Örebro SK 2:0
flagicon|SWE Örebro SK - flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina 0:2

Third round

flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina - flagicon|RUS FC Baltika Kaliningrad 4:1
flagicon|RUS FC Baltika Kaliningrad - flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina 1:0


flagicon|FRA SC Bastia - flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina 2:0
flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina - flagicon|FRA SC Bastia 4:0


flagicon|GER Werder Bremen - flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina 1:0
flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina - flagicon|GER Werder Bremen 1:1

UEFA Cup 1999–2000

Qualifying round

flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina - flagicon|HUN Újpest FC 4:0
flagicon|HUN Újpest FC - flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina 1:1

First round

flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina - flagicon|CZE SK Slavia Praha 0:0
flagicon|CZE SK Slavia Praha - flagicon|SCG FK Vojvodina 3:2

UEFA Cup 2007–08

Qualifying round 1

flagicon|SRB FK Vojvodina - flagicon|Malta Hibernians F.C. 5:1
flagicon|Malta Hibernians F.C. - flagicon|SRB FK Vojvodina 0:2

Qualifying round 2

flagicon|ESP Atletico Madrid - flagicon|SRB FK Vojvodina 3:0
flagicon|SRB FK Vojvodina - flagicon|ESP Atletico Madrid 1:2

UEFA Cup 2008–09

Qualifying round 1

flagicon|SRB FK Vojvodina - flagicon|Azerbaijan FK Olimpik Baku 1:0
flagicon|Azerbaijan FK Olimpik Baku - flagicon|SRB FK Vojvodina 1:1

Qualifying round 2

flagicon|SRB FK Vojvodina - flagicon|Israel Hapoel Tel Aviv 0:0
flagicon|Israel Hapoel Tel Aviv - flagicon|SRB FK Vojvodina 3:0

Current season

Fk Vojvodina season 2008-09

Current squad

Squad changes for the 2008/09 season


*flagicon|Serbia Nemanja Ilić - "Bežanija"
*flagicon|Argentina Pablo Ostrovsky - "free agent"
*flagicon|Serbia Žarko Lazetić - "FK Partizan"
*flagicon|Serbia Aleksandar Mijatović - "FK Napredak Kruševac"
*flagicon|Serbia Darko Lovrić - "Bežanija"
*flagicon|Serbia Vladan Pavlović - "Bežanija"
*flagicon|Serbia Aleksandar Kesić - "return from loan, FK Palić"
*flagicon|Bosnia Nenad Stojanović - "FC Luch-Energiya Vladivostok"
*flagicon|Serbia Dragan Mrđa - "FC Khimki"
*flagicon|Brazil Leandro Rodrigues - "Iraty Sport Club"
*flagicon|Montenegro Risto Lakić - "FK Partizan"
*flagicon|Montenegro Slaven Stjepanović - "FK Partizan"
*flagicon|Serbia Milan Perendija - "Vardar"


*flagicon|Montenegro Savo Pavićević - Transferred to "FC Energie Cottbus"
*flagicon|Serbia Miloš Stojčev - Transferred to "FK Borac Čačak "
*flagicon|Montenegro Ilija Radović - Transferred to "FC Fehervar "
*flagicon|Serbia Dragomir Vukobratović - Transferred to "FK Red Star"
*flagicon|Serbia Goran Smiljanić - "on loan to FK Inđija"
*flagicon|Serbia Dejan Karan - "on loan to FK Palić"
*flagicon|Serbia Ilija Mandić - "free agent"
*flagicon|Serbia Ljubiša Vukelja - Transferred to "Borac Banja Luka"
*flagicon|Macedonia Mario Đurovski - "free agent"
*flagicon|Serbia Marko Đalović - "free agent"

Appearances and goals 2008/09

:"Last updated on August 31, 2008."

Notable former players

*flagicon|Serbia Vujadin Boškov
*flagicon|Serbia Slaviša Jokanović
*flagicon|Serbia Siniša Mihajlović
*flagicon|Serbia Dejan Govedarica
*flagicon|Serbia Vlada Avramov
*flagicon|Serbia Milan Jovanović
*flagicon|Serbia Miloš Krasić
*flagicon|Serbia Milan Stepanov
*flagicon|Serbia Gojko Kačar

Coaching history

* Dragoljub Bekvalac Jun 2008 - present
* Ivica Brzić September 2007 - May 2008
* Milovan Rajevac September 2006 - September 2007
* Zoran Marić
* Dragoljub Bekvalac 2000-2001
* Dragan Okuka 1999-2000
* Ljupko Petrović 1996-1997
* Dragoljub Bekvalac 1995-1996
* Ivica Brzić 1990-1991
* Ljupko Petrović 1988-1990
* Josip Duvančić
* Ivica Brzić 1978-1979
* Todor Veselinović
* Vujadin Boškov 1964-1971

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