Auburn hair

Auburn hair

Auburn is a light brown or reddish brown hair color (and subsequently color), [ "Auburn" in the American Heritage Dictionary] ] and may be described as somewhere between brown, blond, and red hair. Auburn comes Old French "alborne", which meant blond, from Latin "alburnus", "off-white". [ "Auburn" in the Online Etymology Dictionary] ] The first recorded use of "auburn" in English was in 1430. [Maerz and Paul "A Dictionary of Color" New York:1930 McGraw-Hill Page 190; Color Sample of Auburn Page 37 Plate 7 Color Sample C11] In hair color, auburn is frequently misused as a synonym for red.

The chemicals which cause auburn hair are phaeomelanin and high levels of brown eumelanin. It is common in Europe but rare elsewhere.Fact|date=September 2008

In cosmetology, a brighter shade called vivid auburn is used for dyeing hair.Fact|date=September 2008

Auburn in human culture

Auburn hair occurs almost solely in European culture. The Roman writer Tacitus wrote that the hair of the Germanic peoples was "rutilus", which is Latin for "auburn" or "golden blond".

Though the word was in use in the English language by 1430, the bastardization "abram" was frequently used. ["The Wordsworth Dictionary of Phrase and Fable"]

Today in the United States of America, the color chosen to represent such fields of learning as forestry, environmental studies, and natural resource management is "russet", but in practice schools and suppliers of regalia use an auburn.Fact|date=September 2008

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