Polmos (an acronym for "Polski Monopol Spirytusowy", "Polish Spirit Monopoly") was a Polish state-owned monopoly, controlling the Polish market of spirits, fine spirits and other alcohols. Founded in late 1920's, until World War II it was one of the leading vodka producers in Poland. At the same time, its factories were the most modern such facilities in the region, which allowed the company to export its' products to many other countries of Central and Western Europe.

After the World War II the company became a true monopoly as all other distilleries were nationalized by the communist authorities of Poland and attached to the Polmos. In 1990 the monopoly was divided onto several independent companies, each being an owner of one of the factories and one of the best-selling brands of Polish spirits. Currently the companies are being privatized and only 5 remain state-owned.

Among the best-known descendants of Polmos are:

* Polmos Starogard Gdanski - Destylarnia Sobieski SA - owner of Krupnik and producer of Sobieski vodka
* Kompania Spirytusowa "Wratislavia" Polmos Wrocław - owner of Krakus vodka
* Podlaska Wytwórnia Wódek Polmos in Siedlce - owner of Chopin vodka
* Polmos Białystok - sole owner of Absolwent vodka and Żubrówka
* Polmos Bielsko-Biała - owner of Żytnia, currently produced under the name of Extra Żytnia
* Polmos Kraków - owner of Cracovia Vodka
* Polmos Lublin - owner of Żołądkowa Gorzka
* Polmos Łańcut - owner of Rosolis and Polonaise vodka
* Polmos Łódź - owner of Prezydent vodka
* Polmos Toruń - owner of Copernicus vodka
* Polmos Sieradz - owner of Jarzebiak vodka and Ratafia vodka
* Polmos Szczecin - producer of Starka, brandy and Gin Pomorski
* Polmos Warszawa - The sole producer of rectified spirit in Poland

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* [http://www.polmos.torun.pl/english/t4.html Polmos Toruń]
* [http://www.polmos-siedlce.com.pl/ Polmos Siedlce]
* [http://www.polmos.szczecin.pl/ Polmos Szczecin]
* [http://www.wodki.gda.pl/eng/index.html Polmos Starogard Gdanski - Destylarnia Sobieski S.A.]
* [http://www.polmoslancut.com.pl/ Polmos Lancut - Fabryka Wodek Polmos Lancut S.A.]
* [http://www.polmos.krakow.pl/ Polmos Krakow - Destylernia Polmos w Krakowie S.A.]

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