ARY Group

ARY Group

The ARY Group or Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob Group is a Dubai-based holding company founded by a Pakistani businessman, Haji Abdul Razzak Yaqoob (ARY). Haji Abdul Razzak is the Chairman of the Group. The ARY Group is into various sectors, which include:

* Retail - "Jewellery shops, Cash & Carry's"
* Residential - "Estate Agencies in Dubai"
* ARY Television Network - "ARY Digital, ARY One World, The Musik, QTV & ARY Sports, which are shown worldwide on six satellites."
* Retail A Debit Card (Prepaid Card) called "Sahulat Card" also famous for many commercials coming on ARY channels the famous model of ARY Osama Ghazi feature in Ary sahulat card advertisement as cash n carry representative became the first model Of ARY sahulat card in the year 2005 whereas Mr. Amin A Rehman is the V.P of ARY Sahulat card .

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