Sensitive but unclassified

Sensitive but unclassified

Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) is a designation of information in the United States Federal Government that, though unclassified, often requires strict controls over its distribution. SBU is a broad category of information including For Official Use Only (FOUO), Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES), Sensitive Homeland Security Information, Security Sensitive Information (SSI), Critical Infrastructure Information (CII), etc. Some categories of SBU information have authority in statute or regulation (e.g. SSI, CII) while others (FOUO) do not. "FOUO" is primarily a Department of Defense phrase/acronym. Other government departments use it, but many have also come up with their own, similar phrases, to include "Sensitive but Unclassified".

Information that may be classified with these labels range from personally identifying information such as passport and Social Security numbers to documents protected by the attorney-client privilege. [ State Department policies] ] [ NASA SBU parent page] ] Though SBU information may be exempt from complete disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, it should not be universally withheld. [ NASA on FOIA exemptions and SBU material] ] [ Sensitive But Unclassified” Information and Other Controls: Policy and Options for Scientific and Technical Information] from the Congressional Research Service]


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* [ OPSEC Professional's Website]
* [ "Laws And Regulations Governing The Protection Of Sensitive But Unclassified Information", Library of Congress Research Division, Sept 2004]
* [ DoD web page describing one view of FOUO issues.]
* [ Definitions and Regulations Involved in the Classified-Sensitive Information-Unclassified Debate]
* [ The Halfway House Between Science and Secrets] - Interview with Bruce Schneier on the subject of potential misuse of SBU designations for scientific research.

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