Panzer Front

Panzer Front

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developer = Enterbrain
publisher = Agetech, Inc.
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released = September 10, 2001
genre = Tank combat simulation
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ratings = ESRB: Teen (T)
platforms = PlayStation
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"Panzer Front" was first released in Japan by Enterbrain in late 2000. It achieved commercial success.Fact|date=June 2007 It was then released in the USA and Europe in the middle of 2001, receiving generally positive reviews.

"Panzer Front" is a World War II tank simulation game. It features over 40 WW2 era tanks - US, UK, Germany & Soviet Union - all with their own different attributes, abilities and weaknesses. It also has 6 fantasy tanks and 2 modern main battle tanks.

"Panzer Front" has 25 missions, based on real events. Examples include the destruction of a British armored column in the Battle of Villers-Bocage; the US Army's defense against a ferocious German counterattack in Le Dezert; the defense of the Reichstag by two desperate Tiger II's in Berlin and several based on the Battle of Kursk.

The designers of the original game released an updated version, "Panzer Front Bis", in Japan around the same time that the original "Panzer Front" was released in the rest of the world. "Bis" (French for 'improved') features all the original tanks and missions of "Panzer Front", with additional tanks - including Japanese tanks, 10 more missions and a mission building feature. "Bis" was never released outside Japan. It was due to be released in Europe in the middle of 2002, but JVC, the UK developer, shut down its video game branch before "Bis" could be converted and released.

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