In the anime and manga series "Read or Die", a papermaster (also "paper master, paper-master, Papermaster", and in Japanese nihongo|"Paper User"|紙使い|"kamitsukai") is a person who has the power to telekinetically manipulate and control paper, not unlike an Onmyoji's ability to exercise control over a hitogata as a shikigami.

In the Read or Die manga, the Paper Masters can use only special paper which is created by British Library scientist Jiggy Stardust. In the Read or Die OVA as well as the R.O.D The TV anime series the Paper Masters can use any ordinary paper.

Papermasters in the series include:

*Yomiko Readman (protagonist of "R.O.D OVA, R.O.D the TV, Read or Die manga")
*Michelle Cheung ("R.O.D the TV, Read or Dream manga")
*Maggie Mui ("R.O.D the TV, Read or Dream manga")
*Anita King ("R.O.D the TV, Read or Dream manga")
*Sonny Wong ("R.O.D the TV")
*Donnie Nakajima ("Read or Die manga")
*Ridley Wan ("Read or Die manga")

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