Aelita (disambiguation)

Aelita (disambiguation)

Aelita (Cyrillic alphabet: "Аэлита") is a female given name in eastern Europe.

Aelita may refer to:
* Aelita ("Code Lyoko"), a character in the French animated television series "Code Lyoko"
* "Aelita" ("Code Lyoko" episode), an episode of the series about the character of the same name
* "Aelita" (novel), a 1923 novel by Alexei Tolstoy
* "", a silent movie directed by Soviet filmmaker Yakov Protazanov, based on Tolstoy's novel
* Aelita Software Corporation, an American company who manufacted computer and communication products
* Elita-1, the love interest of Optimus Prime in the Transformers cartoon
* Aelita (spacecraft), the name of a planned Soviet needle-like interplanetary spacecraft which would carry a Soviet manned mission to Mars
* "Aelita" (album), an album by Finnish band, Cleaning Women
* "Aelita" (song), an song by Finnish band, Cleaning Women
* "Aelita" (Tied & Tickled Trio album), a 2007 album from the German jazz-electronica band Tied & Tickled Trio
* Aëlita, a rose
* Aelita, East Timor, a town in East Timor

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