Religious fanaticism

Religious fanaticism

Religious fanaticism is fanaticism associated with a religion.


Religious fanaticism has been shown to be correlated with orthodoxy and the self-importance of the belief to the individual.Fact|date=August 2008 It is inversely correlated with consciousness of ambivalence.citation|title=Dimensions and Correlates of Religious Ideologies|author=Snell Putney, Russell Middleton|journal=Social Forces|Volume=39|Number= 4|date=May, 1961|pages=285-290|publisher=University of North Carolina Press|url=]

These attitudes are related to personality attributes such as authoritarianism, conservatism and concern for status. They are also associated with general social characteristics such as gender, location and community size.


Some devoutly religious people seek intense spirituality and so seek to deny themselves the pleasures and temptations of the flesh by means of asceticism, scourging and even self-mutilation. [citation|title=Psychiatric Evaluation of a "Monk" Requesting Castration|author=Laura Weiss Roberts, Michael Hollifield, Teresita McCarty|journal=The American Journal of Psychiatry|number=155|pages=415-420|date=March 1998|url=]


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