Adolf Berle

Adolf Berle

Adolf Augustus Berle, Jr. (January 27, 1895February 17, 1971; his name pronounced "burley" [He told "The Literary Digest" his name was pronounced "as if spelled "burley"." cite book |first = Charles Earle |last = Funk |authorlink = Charles Earle Funk |title = What's the name, please? A guide to the correct pronunciation of current prominent names |location = New York |publisher = Funk & Wagnalls |year = 1936 |oclc = 1463642] ) was an educator, author, and U.S. diplomat.


Berle was educated at Harvard, and was a member of the Paris Peace Conference after World War I. Unhappy with the terms of the Versailles Treaty, he resigned in protest. He became a professor of corporate law at Columbia Law School in 1927 and remained on the faculty until retiring in 1964.

During the FDR Administration, Berle worked on the New Deal and the Good Neighbor Policy.

As Assistant Secretary of State (1938-1944) in charge of security, Berle had a 1939 meeting, arranged by journalist Isaac Don Levine, with former Soviet agent Whittaker Chambers, two days after the signing of the Hitler-Stalin pact. In his notes of that meeting, which he titled "Underground Espionage Agent," Berle listed a series of names, including that of State Department official Alger Hiss, to which he appended the notation, "Member of the underground Com.--Active." [ [ Adolf Berle’s Notes on his Meeting with Whittaker Chambers] ] In his 1973 memoirs, Levine wrote that Berle told him a few weeks later that he had brought the matter to FDR's attention, without success: “To the best of my recollection, the President dismissed the matter rather brusquely with an expletive remark on this order: ‘Oh, forget it, Adolf.’” [cite book |first = Isaac Don |last = Levine |authorlink = Isaac Don Levine |title = Eyewitness to History: Memoirs and Reflections of a Foreign Correspondent for Half a Century |location = New York |publisher = Hawthorn Books |year = 1973 |isbn = |oclc = 604906 |pages = pp. 197–198]

Berle later served as Ambassador to Brazil from 1945 to 1946, and was a founding member of the New York State Liberal Party. In 1961, he headed a task force for President John F. Kennedy that recommended the Alliance for Progress.

He published several books during his lifetime, including the groundbreaking work he authored with Gardiner Means called "The Modern Corporation and Private Property", which was first published in 1932.


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