Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album

Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album

The Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album was awarded from yearly 1959 to 1993 and then from 2004 to present day. There have been several minor changes to the name of the award over this time:

*From 1959 to 1967 it was Best Comedy Performance
*From 1968 to 1991 it was known as Best Comedy Recording
*From 1992 to 1993 and from 2004 to the present day it was awarded as Best Comedy Album

In 1960 and 1961 two separate awards were presented for the best spoken and for the best musical comedy performance.

In 1994 the award was restricted to spoken word comedy albums and moved into the "spoken" field. From then through 2003, it was awarded as the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Comedy Album.

In 2004 the award was reinstated within the comedy field as the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album, once again allowing musical comedy works to be considered.

Years reflect the year in which the Grammy Awards were presented, for works released in the previous year.


*Grammy Awards of 2008
**Flight of the Conchords for "The Distant Future"
*Grammy Awards of 2007
**Lewis Black for "The Carnegie Hall Performance"
*Grammy Awards of 2006
**Chris Rock for "Never Scared"
*Grammy Awards of 2005
**Jon Stewart and the cast of "The Daily Show" for
*Grammy Awards of 2004
**"Weird Al" Yankovic for "Poodle Hat"


*Grammy Awards of 1993
**Peter Schickele for "P.D.Q. Bach: Music for an Awful Lot of Winds & Percussion"
*Grammy Awards of 1992
**Peter Schickele for "P.D.Q. Bach: WTWP Classical Talkity-Talk Radio"
*Grammy Awards of 1991
**Peter Schickele for "P.D.Q. Bach: Oedipus Tex and Other Choral Calamities"
*Grammy Awards of 1990
**Peter Schickele for "P.D.Q. Bach: 1712 Overture and Other Musical Assaults"


*Grammy Awards of 1989
**Robin Williams for "Good Morning, Vietnam"
*Grammy Awards of 1988
**Robin Williams for "A Night at the Met"
*Grammy Awards of 1987
**Bill Cosby for "Those of You With or Without Children, You'll Understand"
*Grammy Awards of 1986
**Whoopi Goldberg for "Whoopi Goldberg (Original Broadway Show Recording)"
*Grammy Awards of 1985
**"Weird Al" Yankovic for "Eat It"
*Grammy Awards of 1984
**Eddie Murphy for "Eddie Murphy: Comedian"
*Grammy Awards of 1983
**Richard Pryor for "Live on the Sunset Strip"
*Grammy Awards of 1982
**Richard Pryor for "Rev. Du Rite"
*Grammy Awards of 1981
**Rodney Dangerfield for "No Respect"
*Grammy Awards of 1980
**Robin Williams for "Reality...What a Concept"


*Grammy Awards of 1979
**Steve Martin for "A Wild and Crazy Guy"
*Grammy Awards of 1978
**Steve Martin for "Let's Get Small"
*Grammy Awards of 1977
**Richard Pryor for "Bicentennial Nigger"
*Grammy Awards of 1976
**Richard Pryor for "...Is It Something I Said?"
*Grammy Awards of 1975
**Richard Pryor for "That Nigger's Crazy"
*Grammy Awards of 1974
**Cheech and Chong for "Los Cochinos"
*Grammy Awards of 1973
**George Carlin for "FM & AM"
*Grammy Awards of 1972
**Lily Tomlin for "This Is a Recording"
*Grammy Awards of 1971
**Flip Wilson for "The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress"
*Grammy Awards of 1970
**Bill Cosby for "Sports"


*Grammy Awards of 1969
**Bill Cosby for "To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With"
*Grammy Awards of 1968
**Bill Cosby for "Revenge"
*Grammy Awards of 1967
**Bill Cosby for "Wonderfulness"
*Grammy Awards of 1966
**Bill Cosby for "Why Is There Air?"
*Grammy Awards of 1965
**Bill Cosby for "I Started Out as a Child"
*Grammy Awards of 1964
**Allan Sherman for "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh"
*Grammy Awards of 1963
**Vaughn Meader for "The First Family"
*Grammy Awards of 1962
**Elaine May & Mike Nichols for "An Evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May"
*Grammy Awards of 1961 (two awards)
**Spoken: Bob Newhart for "The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back!"
**Musical: Jo Stafford & Paul Weston for "Jonathan and Darlene Edwards in Paris" performed by Jo Stafford & Paul Weston and as "Jonathan & Darlene Edwards"
*Grammy Awards of 1960 (two awards)
**Spoken: Shelley Berman for "Inside Shelley Berman"
**Musical: Homer and Jethro for "The Battle of Kookamonga"


*Grammy Awards of 1959
**Ross Bagdasarian Sr. for "The Chipmunk Song", performed by Ross Bagdasarian Sr. as "David Seville and the Chipmunks"

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