Famous Macedonia

Famous Macedonia
Μακεδονία Ξακουστή
English: Famous Macedonia
Makedonía Ksakustí

Regional anthem of
Macedonia (unofficial)

Lyrics Folklore, 1910s, unknown author
Music Traditional from Macedonia

Famous Macedonia (Greek: Μακεδονία ξακουστή - Makedonía ksakustí) is a military march, often regarded as the unofficial anthem of the Greek region of Macedonia,[1] and used by the Hellenic Army since the Balkan Wars.

It is associated with the Makedhonomáhi (Macedonian fighters and/or fighters for Macedonia) in "Macedonian Struggle" and can be heard on parades and national anniversaries.

Until the recent introduction of 24 hour programming, it also marked the end of radio programs on the local Macedonian channel ("Radio-Makedonia 102FM"), played before the Greek national anthem.

According to Greek Army's website it is a military march (εμβατήριο) based on the traditional "Macedonian Dance" (Μακεδονικός Χορός) which is related with Akrites of Byzantium.

It is written in Dorian scale, in iambic 15-syllable (ιαμβικός δεκαπεντασύλλαβος). The beat is 2/4 and it can be danced as a chassapiko (χασάπικο). It can be performed in conjunction with the Makedonia dance. In addition, the text refers to Alexander the Great, who is claimed as the progenitor of the Greek Macedonians.

Lyrics of the Macedonian Anthem

Greek version :
Latin transliteration:
English translation:

Μακεδονία ξακουστή,
του Αλεξάνδρου η χώρα,
που έδιωξες τους βάρβαρους
κι ελεύθερη είσαι τώρα!

Είσαι και θα ΄σαι ελληνική,
Ελλήνων το καμάρι,
κι εμείς θα σ'αντικρύζουμε,
περήφανα και πάλι!

Οι Μακεδόνες δε μπορούν
να ζούνε σκλαβωμένοι,
όλα και αν τα χάσουνε
η λευτεριά τους μένει!

Makedonia ksakusti,
tu Alexandru i hora,
pu ediokses tus varvarus,
ki eleftheri ise tora!

Ise ke tha se elliniki,
Ellinon to kamari,
ki emis tha se antikrizoyme,
perifana ke pali!

I Makedones de borun
na zune sklavomeni,
ola ke an ta hasune
i lefteria tus menei!

Famous Macedonia
the land of Alexander,
you drove away the barbarians,
and now you are free!

You are and you'll be Greek,
the very glory of Greeks,
and we will be looking
you with pride again!

Macedonians cannot
live enslaved,
even if they lose everything,
they still have their Freedom!

Also the verse "κι εμείς θα σ'αντικρύζουμε, ελεύθερη και πάλι!" ("and we will be looking at you with pride again!") is sometimes sung as "κι εμείς τα Ελληνόπουλα, σου πλέκουμε στεφάνι!" ("and we, the Sons of Greece, plait you a crown").

Audio Samples

Speaker Icon.svg Makedonia ksakusti
Speaker Icon.svg Makedonia ksakusti by Military Band

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