Grey Chi

Grey Chi

name = Grey Chi
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Insecta
ordo = Lepidoptera
familia = Noctuidae
subfamilia = Ipimorphinae
genus = "Antitype"
species = "A. chi"
binomial = "Antitype chi"
binomial_authority = Linnaeus, 1758
The Grey Chi ("Antitype chi") is a moth of the family Noctuidae. It is distributed throughout Europe.

This species has grey forewings speckled with black markings which vary in intensity (with the female generally more heavily marked than the male). There is usually a bold cross-shaped black mark in the centre of the wing which has been likened to the Greek letter Chi and gives the species its common name. The hindwings are white in the male, dirty grey in the female. This moth flies at night in August and September ref|flight_season and is attracted to light and sugar.

The larva is bluish green with green and white lines down each side and feeds on the leaves and flowers of a variety of plants (see list below). The species overwinters as an egg.

#Note|flight_season"The flight season refers to the British Isles. This may vary in other parts of the range."

Recorded food plants

* "Artemisia" - mugwort
* "Convallaria" - lily of the valley
* "Helianthus" - Jerusalem artichoke
* "Lactuca" - lettuce
* "Lathyrus" - meadow vetchling
* "Lychnis" - campion
* "Ribes" - blackcurrant
* "Rumex"
* "Salix" - willow
* "Saxifraga" - saxifrage
* "Sedum" - stonecrop
* "Silene" - campion
* "Sonchus" - sow thistle
* "Taraxacum" - dandelion
* "Triglochin"
* "Urtica" - stinging nettle
* "Viburnum" - guelder rose


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* Skinner, Bernard "Colour Identification Guide to Moths of the British Isles" 1984

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