Bunny (disambiguation)

Bunny (disambiguation)

A bunny is a small mammal.

Bunny may also refer to:


* Bunny Ahearne (1900–1985), British ice hockey promoter
* Bunny Austin (1906–2000), British tennis player
* Bunny Berigan (1908–1942), American jazz trumpeter
* Bunny Breckinridge (1903–1996), entertainer and eccentric
* Bunny Brief (1892-1963), baseball player
* Bunny Brunel, American musician
* John Bunny (1862–1915), silent film comedian
* Lady Bunny (born 1962), American drag queen
* Rupert Bunny, Australian painter
* Bunny DeBarge (born 1955), part of the R&B musical group Debarge
* Bunny Lee (born 1941), Jamaican record producer
* Bunny Wailer (born 1947), Jamaican musician
* Bunny Yeager, American photographer and model


* Bunny, Nottinghamshire, England

Fictional characters

* Bunny ("Lexx"), a character on the television series "Lexx"
* Bunny ("Powerpuff Girls"), a character on the TV series "Powerpuff Girls"
* Bunny ("Sailor Moon") or Sailor Moon, the main character in "Sailor Moon" media
* Bunny Bravo, a character on the TV series "Johnny Bravo"
* Howard "Bunny" Colvin, a character on the TV show "The Wire"
* Bunny, a character on the television series "As the World Turns"
* Bunny, a character associated with the DC Comics character Zachary Zatara
* Bunny, a character in the film "Platoon"
* Bunny Halper, a character on the TV series "The Danny Thomas Show"
* Bunny Wigglesworth, a character in the film "Zorro, The Gay Blade"
* Harry "Bunny" Manders, a character in the A. J. Raffles stories
* Edmund "Bunny" Corcoran, a character in the novel "The Secret History"


* "Bunny" (1998 film), an animated short
* "Bunny" (2005 film), a Telagu-language film
* "Bunny" (webcomic), a webcomic
* "Bunny Watson", a Canadian radio show

Other meanings

* Playboy Bunny, a waitress at the Playboy Club

ee also

*Bugs Bunny
*Lola Bunny

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