Lists of actors

Lists of actors

The following are lists of actors:

*List of male movie actors (A-K)
*List of male movie actors (L-Z)
*List of female movie actors

Theater actors:
*List of male theater actors
*List of female theater actors

pecific roles or genres

*List of actors who played Prime Minister of Canada
*List of actors who played President of the United States
*List of actors who have played Elvis Presley
*List of actors who have played the Doctor
*List of porn stars
*List of obese actors
*List of actors who played Santa Claus


*List of Albanian actors
*List of Armenian actors
*List of Austrian film actors
*List of Brazilian actors
*List of British Actors and Actresses
*List of Canadian entertainers
*List of Danish actors
*List of French actors
*List of Ghanaian actors
*List of Greek actors
*List of Philippine actors
*List of Indian Actors
*List of Iranian actors
*List of Iranian actresses
*List of Israeli actors
*List of actors from Italy
*List of Japanese actors
*List of Malayalam film actors
*List of Quebec actors and actresses
*List of South Korean actors
*List of Swedish actors
*List of Vietnamese actors

Ethnicity or religion

*List of Italian-American actors
*List of Jewish actors and actresses / List of Jewish Americans
*List of Native American actors


*List of actor-politicians

ee also

*List of directors
*List of documentaries
*List of films
*List of Hollywood movie studios
*List of people
*List of people by occupation

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