Spider-Man (2000 video game)

Spider-Man (2000 video game)

Infobox VG| title = Spider-Man

developer = Neversoft
Edge of Reality (N64 port)
Vicarious Visions (GBC Version)
Treyarch (Dreamcast port)
Gray Matter (PC port)
Aspyr Media (Mac Port)
publisher = Activision
designer =
engine = Tony Hawk engine
released = August 24, 2000 (PlayStation)
August 31, 2000 (Game Boy Color)
November 21, 2000 (Nintendo 64)
April 19, 2001 (Dreamcast)
September 19, 2001 (PC)
January 26, 2002 (Mac)
genre = Beat 'em up
modes = Single player
ratings = ESRB: Everyone
platforms = PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, PC, Macintosh, Game Boy Color
media = CD, GD-ROM, Cartridge, DVD
requirements =Microsoft Windows(r) 95/98/ME/2000 operating system100% Windows 95/98/ME/2000 - compatible computer systemDirectX(r) 8.0 or higher (included)Pentium(r) II 266 or Athlon(r) processor64MB RAM200 MB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files (Minimum Install); plus an additional 100 MB for Windows swap file100% DirectX 8.0 compatible 4MB video card and Drivers (recommended 8MB video card and Drivers)*100% DirectX 8.0 compatible true 16-bit sound card and DriversQuad Speed (600 K/sec sustained transfer rate) CD-ROM100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and Drivers100% Microsoft-compatible keyboard and Drivers100% Windows(r) 95/98/ME/2000-compatible Joystick or Gamepad (Optional) (Game Controller with 6 or more buttons recommended)

input =

"Spider-Man" is an action game based upon the Marvel Comics character, Spider-Man, mostly upon his incarnation on the 1994 animated series. It was developed by Neversoft, using the "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" engine. Released originally for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 in 2000, the game was subsequently ported to PC, and Sega Dreamcast. An alternate was also created for the Game Boy Color.


While attending a scientific demonstration hosted by the reformed Dr. Octopus, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) witnesses the appearance of someone impersonating Spider-Man. The impostor steals the experiment and leaves. Eddie Brock mistakes this for the real Spider-Man and tries to take pictures, but his camera is shattered by the fake Spider-Man. Brock then grows angry and worried that J Jonah Jameson will fire him from his new job at the Daily Bugal, and the Venom symbiote surfaces, promising revenge. Everyone present at the experiment believes that Spider-Man took the experiment. This prompts the police to begin a manhunt for Spider-Man.

After foiling a bank robbery and stopping the Scorpion from killing J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man is forced to flee from the police in a chase across New York City. The Black Cat alerts him to two new problems: the Rhino is attacking a power plant and Venom has kidnapped Mary-Jane Watson-Parker, Spider-Man's wife. Spider-Man defeats the Rhino, but the Black Cat is kidnapped by unknown parties.

Spider-Man is unable to locate Venom until the villain, newly obsessed with Spider-Man following the impostor's appearance, appears and leads Spider-Man on an elaborate chase through the sewers and in one portion, the subways which are filled with deadly traps. You might end up meeting The Lizard, who explains that Venom locked him down there and took control of the other lizard men, finally giving you directions to Venom's hideout. After finally catching Venom and rescuing Mary Jane, Spider-Man convinces Brock that someone has framed him, Venom befriends Spider-Man for the time being. They reluctantly agree to work together to find the party responsible, starting with a visit to the Daily Bugle to search for information.

At the Bugle, Spider-Man is abandoned by Venom, who senses the presence of Carnage, his symbiote offspring. Spider-Man discovers an infestation of symbiotes throughout the building, and finally locates the impostor: Mysterio. After being defeated by Spider-Man, Mysterio reveals that his bosses plan to use an army of symbiotes to conquer the city.

Mysterio's information leads Spider-Man to a warehouse that hides an enormous underground base in which the symbiotes, cloned from the Carnage symbiote, are being manufactured. After rescuing the Black Cat, Spider-Man discovers the masterminds behind the plan: Carnage and Doctor Octopus, who was never really reformed. After Carnage knocks out Venom, he defeats both villains, but the Carnage symbiote fuses with Dr. Octopus' damaged arms to produce an enormous, out-of-control monster. The new "Monster Ock" accidentally destroys the base, and Spider-Man barely escapes to the surface, where he is rescued by Captain America who was called by Black Cat and Venom. With Doc Ock and the rest of the villains in jail, Spider-Man's good name is restored.


Spider-Man got mostly good reviews. Gruesimpson of IGN.com, rated it a 9.9, and called it "arguably, the best PS1 Spider-Man game.


There are total of 34 stages in the game, divided into 6 different levels, each represented by a comic cover at the start of a game, and can be seen in the "Game Covers" section in the "Gallery".

Level 1: The Bank Heist
*Stage 1: Get to the Bank
*Stage 2: Bank Approach
*Stage 3: Hostage Situation
*Stage 4: Stop the Bomb

Level 2: Sting of the Scorpion
*Stage 5: Race to the Bugle
*Stage 6: Spidey vs. Scorpion
*Stage 7: Police Chopper Chase
*Stage 8: Missile Attack
*Stage 9: Building Top Chase
*Stage 10: Scale the Girders
*Stage 11: Police Evaded

Level 3: Rhino's Rampage
*Stage 12: Spidey vs. Rhino

Level 4: Enter Venom
*Stage 13: Catch Venom
*Stage 14: Spidey vs. Venom
*Stage 15: Sewer Entrance
*Stage 16: Sewer Cavern
*Stage 17: Subway
*Stage 18: Sewage Plant
*Stage 19: Hidden Switches
*Stage 20: Tunnel Crawl
*Stage 21: Venom's Puzzle
*Stage 22: Lizard's Maze
*Stage 23: Spidey vs. Venom Again

Level 5: City Under Peril Invasion
*Stage 24: Symbiotes Infest Bugle
*Stage 25: Elevator Descent
*Stage 26: Stop the Presses
*Stage 27: Bugle Basement
*Stage 28: Spidey vs. Mysterio

Level 6: The Masterminds
*Stage 29: Warehouse 65
*Stage 30: Underwater Trench
*Stage 31: Stopping the Fog
*Stage 32: Spidey vs. Doc Ock
*Stage 33: Spidey vs. Carnage
*Stage 34: Spidey vs. Monster Ock

Alternate costumes

There are a variety of different costumes that span the course of Spider-Man's career featured in the game, each one achieved by accomplishing various goals or by entering in a cheat code. While some are just alternate character skins, others give Spider-Man new abilities. These are as follows with their first comic appearances:

*Scarlet Spider (Web of Spider-Man #118) - Beat Rhino.
*Ben Reilly (Sensational Spider-Man #0) - Beat Venom the first time.
*Spider-Man 2099 (Amazing Spider-Man #365) - Collect every comic; allows double attacking power.
*Symbiote Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #252) - Beat the game; unlimited webbing.
*Captain Universe (Amazing Spider-Man #158) - Beat the game on hard; double power, unlimited webbing and invincibility.
*Spider-Man Unlimited (Webspinners, Tales of Spider-Man #13) - Beat the game a second time; invisibility.
*Quick-Change (Spider-Man #58) - Score 10,000 points in zip-line training; limits to 2 web cartridges.
*Peter Parker (Amazing Fantasy #15) - Find Kraven's trophy room in the Item Hunt training; limits to 2 web cartridges.
*Amazing Bag-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #258) - Enter the cheat code; limits to 2 web cartridges.


What If? mode

Upon entering a code in the game, a player can activate the What If? mode. What If? was a series of comics that looked at alternate takes of events in Marvel Comics history, and in much the same way the game becomes an alternate version of itself. Although the story plays the same, there are subtle differences scattered throughout the scenery and audio track. When you begin a new game The Watcher appears and explains to the player that things are no longer as they once were.

Some changes include:
*Dialogue between characters.
*Cameos by other Marvel characters.
*A new sub-level.
*Cheat codes scattered throughout.
*Different pictures and props on certain levels.


* The PlayStation version has cutscenes whereas the Nintendo 64 version does not. The Dreamcast and Windows ports reuse the PlayStation cutscenes.

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