Articolo 31

Articolo 31

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Origin = Milan, Italy
Genre = Funk Hip hop Pop Rap Rock Alternative rock Rapcore
Years_active = 1990-2006
Label = Ricordi (1990-1998), BMG (1998-2003)
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URL = [ 31 official webpage]
Current_members = J Ax, DJ Jad
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Articolo 31 is a popular band in Milan, Italy, melding hip hop, funk, pop and traditional Italian musical forms. They are one of the most popular Italian rock/hip hop groups.

Band history

Members are the rapper J Ax (real name Alessandro Aleotti), and DJ Jad (Vito Luca Perrini); they took their name from the Irish constitutional law guaranteeing freedom of the press.

They are one of the first Hip Hop Groups in Italy, and they released one of the first Hip Hop records : "Strade di città", in 1993. Next they get signed to Bmg/Ricordi and started to mix their rap with pop music, obtaining great success and popularity, but the underground Hip Hop scene pointed them as traitors. Their producer is Franco Godi who produced the music for the "Signor Rossi" animated series.

In 1997 DJ Gruff dissed them in the track titled "1 vs 2" appearing on the first album of the beatmaker Fritz da Cat, but Articolo 31's lawyers obtained the retreat of the record and its riessue without the dissing song.

In 2001 they worked with the American old school rapper Kurtis Blow on the album "XChé SI!". In the same year they made the movie "Senza filtro" (i.e. Without filter).

With "Domani smetto" they left the world of hip hop and moved to rap with many influences rapping and singing to rock/pop tracks.

In the last years J.Ax and DJ Jad made solo records, and in 2006 the group declared an indefinite hiatus.

Their posse, "Spaghetti Funk", has other popular members like Space One and especially pop rappers Gemelli DiVersi.

Band members

*J Ax - vocals
*DJ Jad - turntables


External links

* [ Official website]

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