Charles I, Count of Nevers

Charles I, Count of Nevers

Charles I, Count of Nevers (1414 – May 25, 1464), Count of Nevers and Rethel, was the son of Philip II, Count of Nevers and Bonne of Artois.

Towards the end of the life of Philip III, Duke of Burgundy, Charles fell under suspicion of practising witchcraft, in an effort to supplant Charles, Count of Charolais as the heir. He precipitately fled to France and died soon after.

He married Marie d'Albret, daughter of Charles II d'Albret on June 11, 1456, but had no legitimate children. He was succeeded by his brother John.

Preceded by
Philip II
Count of Nevers and Rethel
Succeeded by
John II

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