Lake Milh

Lake Milh
Lake Milh
from space, June 1996
Coordinates 32°45′N 43°38′E / 32.75°N 43.633°E / 32.75; 43.633Coordinates: 32°45′N 43°38′E / 32.75°N 43.633°E / 32.75; 43.633
Lake type saline
Primary inflows canal from Euphrates River
Basin countries Iraq

Lake Milh (Arabic: بحيرة ملح‎, literally Sea of Salt, alternately Lake Razazah) is located west-southwest of Baghdad, Iraq (32°45′N 43°38′E / 32.75°N 43.633°E / 32.75; 43.633). Lake Milh is a depression into which excess water from the Euphrates River is diverted by a controlled escape channel or canal. The lake is rather shallow and water levels change with the seasons. Due to the salts and the changing water levels, few recreational areas exist around the lake.

A more recent satellite image of Lake Milh, taken from the program World Wind.

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