Blue Grass Army Depot

Blue Grass Army Depot

Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) is a U.S. Army chemical weapon and standard munitions storage facility located at in east central Kentucky, southeast of the cities of Lexington and Richmond, Kentucky, operated by the United States Army. The 14,494-acre site, composed mainly of open fields and wooded areas, is used for munitions storage, repair of general supplies and electronics, and the disposal of munitions. The installation is used for the storage of conventional explosive munitions as well as assembled chemical weapons. The depot primarily is involved in industrial and related activities associated with the storage and maintenance of conventional and chemical munitions. [] []

Chemical Weapons Destruction

BGAD stores a small stockpile of chemical agents, comprising 523 tons of nerve agents GB (sarin) and VX, and mustard gas, or about two percent of the United States chemical weapons stockpile.

Beginning in 2003, destruction of the Blue Grass chemical weapons stockpile, in accordance with the Chemical Weapons Treaty, was contracted out using a technology known as neutralization followed by supercritical water oxidation. This is a different method than the incineration that is used at the larger stockpiles.

Groundbreaking for the chemical destruction facility took place on October 28, 2006. Final design of the facilities should be complete in 2010 and actual construction in 2018.

Chemical Leaks

Between July 25 and August 6, 2008 two leaks of mustard gas occurred at the facility. The depot stated that the leaks were of low concentration and posed no harm. ["Boston Globe", " [ Officials Confirm 2d Mustard Gas Leak] ", August 7, 2008.] Sarin Gas leaks were also confirmed 12 July 2008. [] A previous sarin leakage incident was reported as occurring 3:49 p.m. Aug. 27 2007. []


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