Pueblo Chemical Depot

Pueblo Chemical Depot

The Pueblo Chemical Depot is a chemical weapons storage site located in Pueblo County, Colorado, United States.

The depot houses 2,611 tons (2,369 metric tons) of mustard agent in approximately 780,000 munitions, equivalent to about seven percent of the original chemical material stockpile of the United States.cite news
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] [ [http://www.cma.army.mil/state.aspx?state=Colorado The U.S. Army Chemical Materials Agency (CMA) - Colorado ] ] As of 2008, a disposal facility, the Pueblo Chemical Agent Disposal Pilot Plant (PCAPP) is under construction by Bechtel Pueblo; destruction of the chemical munitions is scheduled to start in 2015. The plant will use neutralization with a hot caustic solution followed by bacterial biotreatment to destroy mustard agent. The wastewater from this process would be shipped to existing off-site facilities, such as treatment plants in Delaware and New Jersey for further treatment.

Destruction of the entire stockpile of weapons on the site is expected to be complete in 2020, and closure of the pilot plant complete in 2024. [cite web
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