Burton & Garran Hall

Burton & Garran Hall

Burton & Garran Hall is a residential hall for undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Australian National University in Canberra. The hall is located on Daley Rd. and consists of five blocks, the fifth major block, known as 'Central Block', consists of a collective kitchen, a bar, and the administration facilities.


The hall was combined from two halls of residence, Burton Hall and Garran Hall. Both were founded in 1965 and were originally separate.

Burton Hall was named after Professor H. Burton. Professor Burton was principal of the Canberra University College from 1949 to 1960 and, after the college became associated with the ANU, Principal of the School of General Studies from 1960 to 1965. At the same time as being principal, he also held a professorship in Economic History.

Garran Hall was named after Sir Robert Garran, the first secretary of the Federal Attorney-General's Department and Parliamentary Draftsman from 1901 to 1916. He was Solicitor-General from 1916 until 1932. Garran was president of the first Council of the University Association and Chairman of the Council of Canberra University College from 1930–53. He was the first honorary graduate of the University, receiving a Doctorate of Laws in 1951, and a Chair in the Faculty of Law bears his name.


The Australian National University is located in the Australian Capital Territory with Burton and Garran Hall residing at the Clunies Ross Rd. end of the campus.

ub-Deans & Senior Residents

For the 2008 academic year, the student leadership organisations structure will consist of 2 Sub-Deans, 16 Senior Residential Scholars(SRs), 2 Academic Fellows, 4 Academic Scholars and 12 Residential Scholars appointed.

Resident Committee (BAGMA)

The Residents Committee is elected in Term 4 of each academic year to serve for the following year. These elections are non-compulsory.

The Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Arts Representatives (divided into the portfolios of 'Arts' and 'Culture'), the Postgraduate Representative, 2 Male Sports Representatives, 2 Female Sports Representatives, the Social Sports Representative, the International Representative, the Community Representative, the Green Representative, the Communications Representative,the1 First Year Representative and the First Year International Representative.

It is expected that each member of this elected committee shall conduct their portfolios consistently with the principles of the Resident Committee Rules.

Presidents of BAGMA

* Ms. Karina Shorter (1992)
* Ms. Michelle Oates (1993)
* Mr. Andrew Dempster (1994)
* Mr. Justin Mein (1995)...
* Mr. Benjamin Patricks (2000)
* Mr. Rob Curtis (2001)
* Ms. Amy Macdonald (2002)
* Mr. Adam Stone (Early-2003)
* Mr. Max Jeganathan (Mid-2003)
* Mr. Nick Quinnell (2004)
* Mr. Alex Grant (2005)
* Ms. Kristy Williamson (2006)
* Mr. Callum Davey (2007)
* Mr. Callum Brindley (2008)
* Mr. Andy Gallagher (President Elect for 2009)

President's Award Recipients

Each year one resident is awarded the BAGMA President Awards in recognition to service to Hall and fellow residents. The Award is presented at the Valeté Ball at the end of the year. Past recipients include:

Malcolm Briggs (2000), Claire Jelbart (2001), Timothy Caddey (2004, 2006), Benjamin Steel (2005), Zachary Damon (2007)

BAGMA Life Members

There are a number of BAGMA Life Members who were appointed in the late nineties and early 2000s. These include:

Justin Lacson (2001)

B&G Musical/Theatre Production

Since 1994, a yearly musical or theatre production has been directed and performed by Burton and Garran Residents, under the guise of the Burton & Garran Amatuer Players. This has become one of the largest annual student productions at the ANU, in terms of both budget and numbers of students involved. A list of past musical and theatre productions include:
* Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance" (1994) - Directed by Matthew Marshall
* The Wiz (1998)
* Robbo and the Hoods (1999)
* Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Sorcerer" (2000) - Directed by Tim Jones
* Into the Woods (2002)
* Sheerluck Holmes (2003) - Directed by Callum Davey
* Alice In Wonderland (2004) - Directed by Tim Trudgian
* Big (2005) - Directed by Sarah Brewin
* A Dickin's Christmas (2006) - Directed by Patrice McClellan
* [Little Shop Of Horrors] (2007)- Directed by Ellyn Smith Whatley
* [A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum] (2008) - Directed by Jerome Barty-Taylor


Burton & Garran athletic teams are known as the "Redbacks", marking them as only ANU Hall to take a native animal as their mascot.

The college has teams competing in the ANU Inter-College Sports Shield and has a number of titles in individual sports to its credit. However it has never had the distinction of holding the overall competition trophy.

Redback rivalries in this competition include Bruce Hall with whom Burton & Garran Hall were once closely affiliated and also John XXIII College who have dominated the overall competition for much of its recent history.

In the 2006-2008 period, Burton & Garran Hall has had its most successful period in sporting competition, finishing 2nd in the Sports Shield (behind John XXIII)in 2006 and 2007. In this period, Burton & Garran Hall has won the following events: Inward Bound (2007), Australian Rules Football (2006-2007), Mens Hockey (2006), Women's Basketball (2007), Mens Basketball (2007), Softball (2008), Mens Tennis (2007), Netball (2007, 2008), Mens Football (2008), Mens Volleyball (2008), Womens Volleyball (2007, 2008)and Road Relay (2007,2008).

portsmen Of The Year

* Mr. Sam Reid (2001)
* Mr. Manuraj Shunmuga Sundaram (2002)
* Mr. David Kelly (2003)
* Mr. David Orr (2004)
* Mr. Callum Davey (2005)
* Mr. Chris Sheahan (2006)
* Mr. Tom O'Kane (2007)

portswomen Of The Year

* Ms. Allison McArdle (2001)
* Ms. Leanne Bussell (2002)
* Ms. Belinda Cox (2003)
* Ms. Jennica Day (2004)
* Ms. Amanda Clark (2005)
* Ms. Rebecca Byrne (2006)


Burton & Garran Hall competes in a selection of artistic endeavours and competitions for the ANU Inter-Hall Arts Shield. Burton & Garran Hall has never held this award in overall standings although it has won individual events in the past.

Of particular note is the Burton & Garran Hall Art Show, one of the highest regarded annual displays of ANU student work. Debating has also been a strong point for Burton & Garran Hall in recent years, with the hall being home to many of ANU's top Intervasity representatives. Burton & Garran won the Inter-Hall title in 2007, being the first college to defeat [Burgmann College] in 17 years. Burton & Garran narrowly lost the title to Burgmann in 2008.

Artsperson Of The Year

* Mr. Nick Quinnell (2001)
* Mr. Tim Trudgian (2002)
* Ms. Bree Ahrens (2003)
* Mr. Tim Trudgian (2004)
* Mr. Mathew Bock (2005)
* Mr. Mathew Bock (2006)
* Mr. Mark Lavis (2007)

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