The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Prince song)

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Prince song)

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Name = The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Caption = UK 7" single
Artist = Prince
from Album = The Gold Experience
B-side = "Beautiful"
"Beautiful" (Extended Club Version)" (UK 12")
"Beautiful Beats" (UK 12")
Released = February 24, 1994
Format = 7" single
12" single
Cassette single
CD single
Recorded = Paisley Park Studios, September 1993–March 1994; Mixed by Tom Tucker and Ricky Peterson with Fred Harrington
Genre = Pop
Length = 4:07
Label = NPG Records
Bellmark Records
Writer = Prince
Producer = Prince
Certification =
Last single = "Peach"
This single = "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"
Next single = "The Beautiful Experience"
Misc = Extra chronology
Artist = Prince (UK)
Last single = "Controversy"
This single = "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"
Next single = "The Beautiful Experience"

"The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" is a song by Prince from his 1995 album "The Gold Experience". It was his first release since changing his stage name to an unpronounceable symbol. With the consent of Prince's usual record distributor Warner Bros., "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" was released by NPG Records and independently distributed by Bellmark Records. The single was released in February 1994, and was shortly followed by an EP of remixes titled "The Beautiful Experience". The version that was released on "The Gold Experience" is a different mix of the song.

The original track is a slow-grooving ballad in falsetto that seranades a beautiful woman, and was likely directed toward his soon to be fiancé Mayte Garcia, whom he later married on Valentine's Day, 1996. The song was played during the Miss America Pageant in 1994, and later released on St Patricks's Day. It later appeared (slightly altered and replayed) on "The Gold Experience". The song is based in light guitar, keyboards and live drums. Although most of the song is sung in falsetto with Prince reaching some extremely high notes, the bridge has him using his regular voice as well as a very low voice for contrast.

His then wife Mayte Garcia later recorded her own version called "The Most Beautiful Boy In The World" on her album "Children Of The Sun". It was the same instrumental track with extra reverb, and her vocals recorded over it, with a few slight ad-lib changes.

Chart Performance

The song was a worldwide hit and established Prince's ability to succeed commercially under his new name and it was also Prince's last big hit that charted on the Billboard chart.

"The Most Beautiful Girl In the World" is Prince's highest charting single using the symbolic moniker, peaking at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also his first (and to date, only) UK #1 single under any name as a performer. He did have two other UK #1s as a songwriter: he was the composer of the 1984 hit single "I Feel for You" by Chaka Khan and Sinéad O'Connor's 1990 cover of "Nothing Compares 2 U", which had originally been recorded by Prince protégés The Family. julien



The B-side for the single was a remix of the track "Beautiful", an edit of one of the mixes on "The Beautiful Experience" EP. In addition, a UK issued 12" single also contained an "Extended Club Version" of "Beautiful" and a mix called "Beautiful Beats".

Track listing

# "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" - 4:06
# "Beautiful" - 3:54

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