Heartbreak High

Heartbreak High

"Heartbreak High" was an Australian television series, dealing with the students of Hartley High, a tough high school in a multi-racial area of Sydney, and proved to be a more gritty and fast-paced show than many of its contemporaries. It was a spin-off of the 1993 Australian feature film "The Heartbreak Kid" which had featured Alex Dimitriades and Claudia Karvan. However, in later seasons the show shifted emphasis away from the school setting and the Poulos Family to the students' homes and hangout - the "Shark Pool".

The series was transmitted by the Ten Network between 1994 and 1996, and by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation between 1997 and 1999. It was also shown in the United Kingdom for several years on BBC Two, as the BBC were co-funding production of the series. It has also been shown in Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland (as of 2007, the series is airing on TVP1 every weekday, currently in its fifth season), Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Macedonia, Serbia (with great success in its initial run), Albania,Greece, India, Israel, Norway and the Netherlands. It had a relative success in Spain and France, and now is normally programmed in summer.

After the sixth season the Australian Broadcasting Corporation axed the show as selling another season to foreign TV stations proved increasingly difficult. The BBC had no interest in buying an additional season; due to scheduling delays a backlog of episodes had built up, and the show was forced to wrap up production. "Heartbreak High" still enjoys a devoted fan base.


eason 1

Regular Cast
Recurring Cast

eason 3

*Ian Bliss - "Andrew Bell", a science teacher

eason 4

*Rupert Reid - "Declan Costello"
*Tara Jakszewicz - "Anastasia "Stassy" Sumich"
*Sebastian Goldspink - "Charles "Charlie" Byrd"
*Deni Gordon - "Rhonda "Ronnie" Brooks"
*Diane Craig - "June Dyson", the school principal
*Simon Baker-Denny - "Tom Summers", a teacher

eason 5

*Rebecca Smart - "Melanie Black"
*Rel Hunt - "Ryan Scheppers"
*Lara Cox - "Anita Scheppers"
*Callan Mulvey - "Bogdan Drazic"
*Nina Liu - "Mai Hem" (real name: Stephanie Tan)
*Jim Holt - "Tony Black", Melanie's father
*Tina Bursill - "Hilary Scheppers", Anita and Ryan's mother
*Nathalie Roy - "Sarah Livingstone"
*Peter Sumner - "Les Bailey", the school principal
*Putu Winchester - "Dennis Klinsmann"
*Jeremy Lindsay Taylor - "Kurt Peterson"
*Marcel Bracks - "Lee Delaine"
*Fleur Beaupert - "Nikki Ruark"

eason 6

*Lara Cox - "Anita Scheppers"
*Rel Hunt - "Ryan Scheppers"
*Callan Mulvey - "Bogdan Drazic"
*Putu Winchester - "Dennis Klinsmann"
*Marcel Bracks - "Lee Delaine"
*Leeanna Walsman - "Jet"
*Andrea Moor - "Di Barnett"
*Mario Gamma - "D'espo"
*Morna Seres - "Jill Delaine", Lee's mother
*John Walton - "Nat Delaine", Lee's father
*Katherine Hicks - "Tess Mason"
*Daniel Evans - "Ric"
*Mark Owen-Taylor - "Tim Mason"
*John Gregg - "Alan Carson", the school principal
*Elena Carapetis - "Jackie Kassis", teacher
*Luke Jacobz - "Zac Croft"
*Danny Raco - "Marco "Marc" Vialli"
*Jeremy Lindsay Taylor - "Kurt Peterson"
*Bianca Nacson - "Gemma "Gem" Whitely"
*Tasneem Roc - "Thania Saya"
*Rose Byrne - "Carly Whitely", Gem's sister


Season 1 of the show has been released on two DVD sets in Germany in the dubbed German version with no English audio track. This DVD is not an official release. There is still no info on an official international release as yet. [http://www.amazon.de/dp/B000GG4NPG] .


* In Britain, the show was shown on BBC 2
* In France, the show was shown on France 2 as "Hartley, cœurs à vif"
* In the Czech Republic, the show was shown on TV Nova as "Škola zlomených srdcí".
* In Poland, the show was shown on TVP 1 as "Szkoła złamanych serc", re-runs were broadcast by TVN, and again in 2007 on TVP1.
* In Serbia, the show was shown оn RTS3 as "Nestašne godine" (Crazy Years) and again on Art TV.
* In Spain, the show was shown on TVE as "Los Rompecorazones".
* In Norway, the show was shown on TV2.
* In The Netherlands, the show was shown on Nederland 3
* In Israel, the show was shown on Channel 1 (Israel) as "Tichon Ha'Levavot Ha'Shvurim" ("תיכון הלבבות השבורים").
* In Lithuania, the show was shown on LRT (Lietuvos Televizija) as "Neramioji Gimnazija".
* In Kosovo, the show was shown on TV21 (Televizioni 21) as "Vitet e Paharuara'
* In Greece, the show was shown on Skai and New channel in 1997.
* In Canada, the show was shown on Showcase.
* In Hungary, the show was shown on MTV1 (Magyar Televízió - Hungarian Television), and is currently aired on m2 as "Szívtipró gimi".
* In Mexico, the show was shown on Azteca 13 as "Aprendiendo a vivir".
* In Peru, the show was shown on TNP as "Aprendiendo a vivir".

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