September 2005 in Malaysia and Singapore

September 2005 in Malaysia and Singapore

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"This page deals with current events in Malaysia and Singapore"

30 September 2005 (Friday)

* , Malaysia. [ (CNA)]

* took part in this exercise. [ (CNA)]

* wins the Singapore Open Bowling title. [ (CNA)]

* . [ (CNA)]

* , receives more applications than the number of places available for its pioneer batch. [ (CNA)]

29 September 2005 (Thursday)

* A small fire breaks out at the Health Ministry's office in Putrajaya at 7:52am. No injuries were reported. [ (The Star)]

* . [ (MSN Money)] [ (Forbes)]

* . [ (The Star)] [ (Bernama)]

* , a 46 year old British businessman, is charged in Singapore court with two counts of murder, two days after he was extradited from Australia. [,3604,1581423,00.html (Guardian)] [ (CNA)]

* proposes banning its citizens from holding dual citizenship. Among other issues discussed in the forum were the status of the 131 Thai nationals who fled to Malaysia. [ (The Star)]

* 500 million worth of medications, vaccines and protective gear would be needed, said Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek. [ (The Star)] [ (NST)]

* . [ (The Star)] [ (NST)] [ (Bernama)]

* outbreak. The Pulau Pinang Municipal Council has fogged around 780,000 houses and issued fines to 376 house owners housing mosquito larvae. [ (The Star)] [ (The Star)] [ (NST)]

28 September 2005 (Wednesday)

* sector. [ (CNA)]

* . [ (CNA)]

* which meets international standards. [ (CNA)]

* s controversy. [ (The Star)]

* , which could also result in Volkswagen obtaining shares in Proton. [ (The Star)]

* The dengue fever outbreak in Malaysia and Singapore does not pose a threat to both countries' tourism industry. [ (CNA)]

* two days earlier, the same person who threw the cocktails earlier now hurls bricks at the office. [ (The Star)]

27 September 2005 (Tuesday)

* . [ (The Star)]

* Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek warns that a new dengue outbreak would happen only in a matter of time. [ (The Star)] [ (The Star)] [ (Reuters)] [ (NST)]

* returns back to Malaysia after being overseas for over two weeks. [ (The Star)]

26 September 2005 (Monday)

* in selected states, and schools in high-risk areas would be closed. [ (The Star)]

* s into the MCA's office in Muar but fails. [ (The Star)]

* in aid for the victims of the hurricane. [ (The Star)]

* . [ (CNA)]

* , and is expected to see intense competition from potential developers. [ (CNA)]

25 September 2005 (Sunday)

* clinches the championship. [ (Bernama)] [ (CNN)] [ (CNN/SI)]

* finishes 11th in the Sprint Race. [ (] [,10069,1578250,00.html (Guardian)] [,,3-2005440561,00.html (The Sun UK)]

* Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Monday. [ (BBC)]

* claimed the life of Rahmad Abdul Hamid and her seven-month old unborn child in Penang. She is the second casualty of the disease in Penang. [ (The Star)]

* MCA ministers could be restricted to a maximum of two parliamentary terms or 10 years while state executive councillors three terms if the proposal from the party's leaders goes through. [ (The Star)]

* return back to their homes after the danger of Hurricane Rita subsides. [ (The Star)]

* racing will be built in Marina Bay. [ (CNA)]

* . [ (CNA)]

* , saw order books expanding to USD5.0 billion and USD3.8 billion respectively. [ (CNA)]

* , a biennial event, is expected to be attended by about 1,500 delegates when it is held in Singapore from 20-23 November. [ (CNA)]

* 's coverage will be extended up to age 85, five years more than the existing limit, from 2006. [ (CNA)]

* later. [ (CNA)]

24 September 2005 (Saturday)

* by obtaining 68% out of 1.67 million votes casted by viewers. [ (The Star)] [ (NST)]

* unopposed in the party elections. [ (The Star)] [ (NST)]

* told reporters at a religious seminar that Malaysia will not interfere with Thailand's domestic affairs. He also said that Malaysia could improve its security along its borders and that they were ready to cooperate with Thai authorities to stop the violence in Thailand's southern provinces. [ (The Star)] [ (Bernama)]

* . [ (CNA)]

* A dialogue session between the government and charitable groups has indicated the groups' willingness to self-regulate, and the governments stand in its desire to step in to mediate only when necessary. [ (CNA)] , [ (CNA)] .

* [ (CNA)]

* who display excellence in their fields of expertise. [ (CNA)]

* [ (CNA)]

* The late artist Earl Lu's tribute exhibition attracts hundreds of viewers. [ (CNA)]

* proposes setting up a national Women's Register to help them to network. [ (CNA)]

23 September 2005 (Friday)

*2005 dengue outbreak in Singapore: New reports of confirmed dengue cases has dropped sharply to 78 on 23 September 2005, a 54% fall from 22 September 2005’s 136 cases. However, 6 more people are admitted to the hospitals. [ (CNA)]
*Diplomacy: Singapore has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with Indonesia to strengthened cooperation in maritime education and training. The new MOU was witnessed by the Transport Minister Teo Cheow Tong in Jakarta. [ (CNA)]
*Fight against terror should not target Muslims in general, said Foreign Minister George Yeo, speaking at the UN General Assembly, and noted the eminent threat poised by the ideology of Osama bin Laden and the terrorists. He have further noted that the dangers of over-reaction to violence that's perpetrated by a very small minority of Muslims around the world. [ (CNA)]
*Civil Aviation in Singapore: Code share agreement have been signed between Singapore Airlines and Asiana Airlines of South Korea. The agreements will path future cooperation, with initial services between Singapore and Seoul. [ (CNA)]
*Business: SembCorp Marine will be acquiring the Texas-based Sabine Shipyard. The acquisition was announced after rival Keppel Corp managed a lead in clinching contracts to repair or replace oil rigs damaged by Hurricane Katrina. [ (CNA)]

22 September 2005 (Thursday)

*A decomposing male body was found in an Indus Road flat after the police were alerted by the foul-odour rooting from an 11th storey apartment unit. The man, believed in his 30s, was found lying face-up in the living room, stained with a pool of blood. [ (CNA)]
*Business: The Global Entrepolis @ Singapore 2005 is expected to attract over 10,000 participants. Singapore is currently on a bid to host substantial business conventions. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be opening the event on 27 September 2005, Monday. The four-day event will take place in Suntec City, with 41 conferences and events scheduled for participants from all over the world. [ (CNA)]
*Smuggling of cigarettes rose by a 100% compared to the previous year, with above 120,000 packets of cigarettes confiscated to date. [ (CNA)]
*2005 dengue outbreak in Singapore: 2 new deaths related to dengue, which brought the figure of dengue-related deaths to 10 in this year alone. The most recent victims were a 61 year-old man and a 55 year-old woman last month, who were both suffering from other diseases. 136 new cases of dengue fever were reported on 22 September 2005, a 4% increase from 21 September 2005's 131 cases. [ (CNA)]
*The Sentosa Express project is on target for completion as its trains arrive from Japan. [ (CNA)]
*Raintree Picture's "The Maid" wins six nominations in the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards [ (CNA)]
*Secondary school students may be allowed to enter the polytechnics without taking the 'O' levels examinations. [ (CNA)]

21 September 2005 (Wednesday)

*The National Cancer Centre is launching a campaign for a ban on tobacco products in ten years. This is part of an international effort by nine National Cancer Centres in Asia to advocate for tobacco ban in their countries. [ (CNA)]

20 September 2005 (Tuesday)

*Raffles Junior College, Dunman High School and Xinmin Secondary School receive the School Excellence Award from the Ministry of Education. [ (CNA)] [ (MOE)]

19 September 2005 (Monday)

*Foreign relations of Singapore: Vice Premier Wu Yi of the People's Republic of China arrives in Singapore for a three-day visit. She is leading a delegation of Chinese ministers and senior officials at the 2nd Joint Council for Bilateral Cooperation between China and Singapore. [ (CNA)]

18 September 2005 (Sunday)

*A security guard was found dead with knife wounds to his back and head behind Boon Siew building in Bukit Timah. [ (CNA)]
*Singapore A beats Kedah 1-0 in the finals of the inaugural Deaf Futsal Championship [ (CNA)]
*Seven people were killed in Penang when a car crashes into a road block, including three people in the vehicle, a motorcyclist who stopped at the road block for inspection, and three policemen manning the road block. [ (The Star)] , [ (New Straits Times)]

17 September 2005 (Saturday)

*Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says that racist remarks that threatened multi-racial harmony will not be tolerated in Singapore and are against the law and the Sedition Act [ (CNA)]
*Dengue outbreak: Over 700 government officers, grassroots members and volunteers begin a weekend "blitz" to locate and destroy mosquito breeding sites at four dengue hotspots: Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, Yishun and Marsiling.

16 September 2005 (Friday)

*A third person, a 17 year old youth, is charged under the Sedition Act, for his remarks on his blog site that allegedly promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races of Singapore. [ (CNA)]
*The National Kidney Foundation Singapore retrenches 92 staff in the fund-raising department to cut costs. [ (CNA)]
*Raffles Hotel celebrates its 118th anniversary. [ (CNA)]

15 September 2005 (Thursday)

*Water resources of Singapore: Public Utility Board (PUB) announces that the Kranji NEWater Plant will undergo a S$7.4m expansion. The refurbished facility is expected to serve industrial customers in Woodlands, Yishun and Senoko. The announcement came just 2 days after the grand opening of the country's first desalination facility in Tuas. [ (CNA)]
*ASEAN: Art and heritage collaboration ties have been strengthened between Singapore and Brunei, during Brunei's Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Mohammad Daud visit to Singapore from 12 September 2005 to 18 September 2005. [ (CNA)]
*2005 dengue outbreak in Singapore: Nearly 1200 calls were received at the National Environment Agency (NEA) via the dengue hotline. 60% of the calls reports of potential breeding site, while there are 360 environmental health officers around the island to investigate individual cases. [ (CNA)]

14 September 2005 (Wednesday)

*Closed-circuit television system videotapes of the SunGlade Condominium were seized today by the police. The videotapes are believed to contain the footages of the Filipino murder suspect Guen Garlejo Aguilar and victim Jane Parangan La Puebla. [ (AsiaOne)]
*Republic of Singapore Air Force Radar specialist, 3SG Perry Koh Han Min, 23, died at 11:07pm on 13 September 2005 in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The serviceman was sent to the hospital after he collapsed suddenly while having a game of street football in Chong Pang Camp. [ (MINDEF)] [ (AsiaOne)] [ (CNA)]
*Water resource in Singapore: Water experts say that Singapore could become the world's water hub for water recycling and desalination technology. [ (CNA)]

13 September 2005 (Tuesday)

*Singapore's first all-female cockpit crew completes a Jetstar Airways flight to Bangkok. [ (CNA)]
*Eyes in the Sky: The security initiative, Eyes in the Sky, proposed by the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Najib Tun Razak, was officially launched today in Kuala Lumpur. Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will each conduct up to 2 patrols per week and is observed by Thailand. [ (CNA)]
*2005 dengue outbreak in Singapore: The National Environment Agency have launched today a telephone hotline as an avenue for the members of public to report any cases (or suspected) of breeding site. Reported cases of dengue infection have risen to 110 cases as of the early afternoon of 13 September 2005. [ (CNA)]
*Water resource in Singapore: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong officially opens the country's first desalination plant by SingSpring, a fully-owned subsidiary of Hyflux. The plant, located at Tuas, produces 30 million gallons of water each day. [ (CNA)]
*The High Court of Australia has rejected Michael McCrea's appeal against extradition to Singapore for trial of a double murder. The Australian Government had earlier agreed to extradite him after the Singaporean Government gave assurances he would not receive the death penalty. [ (ABC Australia)]

12 September 2005 (Monday)

*Two bloggers are charged in a subordinate court (Singapore) under the Sedition Act for making racist remarks. [ (CNA)] [ (AsiaMedia)]
*Singapore marks the 60th anniversary of the formal Japanese surrender in the island during World War II. [ (CNA)]
*Table Tennis doubles pairing Li Jiawei and Zhang Xueling lost 4-2 to the Chinese pair of Guo Yue and Guo Yan in the final of the Panasonic China Open. [ (CNA)]
*Analysts believe Singapore will be able to counter competition in the region in its integrated resort plans. [ CNA)]

11 September 2005 (Sunday)

*2005 dengue outbreak in Singapore: The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources will examine how the fogging practices are conducted. An inter-agency Dengue Coordination Committee is also set up. [ (CNA)] [ (CNA)]
*International Desalination Association (IDA) holds its 6-day World Congress in Singapore. About six hundred experts and delegates will discuss desalination and water reuse. [ (CNA)] [ (IDA)]
*Counter-terrorism in Singapore: The South West Community Development Council holds a "bomb blast" evacuation exercise as part of the "Homefront Security Month" community outreach programme. The Singapore Civil Defence Force launches a Multi-lingual Video Broadcast System. [ (CNA)]

10 September 2005 (Saturday)

*Singapore wins the Asian Netball Championship with a win over the Malaysian team with a score of 53-39. [ (CNA)]

9 September 2005 (Friday)

*2005 dengue outbreak in Singapore: An inter-ministerial committee headed by Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Yaacob Ibrahim, is formed to tackle the current dengue fever outbreak in Singapore. [ (CNA)]
*Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew begins his visit to Prague, Barcelona and Madrid. He will meet the President of Czech Republic Václav Klaus and former President Václav Havel. [ (CNA)]
*Minister for Education Tharman Shanmugaratnam announces that River Valley High School will offer the Integrated Programme from year 2006. [ (CNA)]
*Semiconductor solutions provider Micron Technology opens a new chip-testing and assembly facility in Singapore, following a US$250 million investment. [ (CNA)]

8 September 2005 (Thursday)

*Singapore Ministry of Defence confirms that two Fokker 50 planes from the Republic of Singapore Air Force will be involved in the joint patrol of the Strait of Malacca together with aircraft from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. [ (CNA)]
*2005 dengue outbreak in Singapore: More hospitals in Singapore are receiving dengue fever patients to relieve overcrowding in some hospitals as the number of cases this year reaches 9,000. [ (CNA)] [ (ABC)]
*The Jurong Youth Centre has its opening ceremony today. Run by the Singapore Children's Society, the centre organizes a range of programmes for about 200 secondary school students and one of its main thrusts is to encourage students to continue their formal education. [ (CNA)]

7 September 2005 (Wednesday)

*Hyflux founder Olivia Lum becomes the first and only female on Forbes' Southeast Asia Rich list with a net worth of US$240 million. [ (CNA)]

6 September 2005 (Tuesday)

*Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) says in a statement that it is in the final stage of negotiations with Boeing for its new generation of fighter, indicating the US-made F-15 Eagle had won over the French-built Rafale in this procurement programme. Industry analysts estimated the contract to be worth about US$1 billion. [ (Today)] [ (MINDEF)]

5 September 2005 (Monday)

*Two Indonesian maids escape the gallows for their murder of Esther Ang at Carissa Park condominium in March 2004. [ (CNA)]
*Wine consumption increased to a worth of S$103 million in 2004 compared to S$76 million in 2003. [ (CNA)]
*Singaporean response to Hurricane Katrina: Singapore sends a fourth CH-47 Chinook helicopter to assist in relief operations of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana [ (CNA)]

4 September 2005 (Sunday)

*The Public Utilities Board wants to involve ordinary Singaporeans in helping to preserve the environment in reservoirs while participating in activities in and around them. [ (CNA)]

3 September 2005 (Saturday)

*The Yellow Ribbon Project in Singapore sees over 12,000 people gathering outside Changi Prison to receive some 200 released ex-offenders. [ (CNA)]
*A crime-prevention group formed by civilian volunteers known as Blade Watch begins patrols on rollerblades in East Coast Park [ (CNA)]
*The Singapore Garden Festival 2006 will be held next year. [ (CNA)]

2 September 2005 (Friday)

*Singaporean response to Hurricane Katrina: Three Singaporean CH-47 Chinook helicopters and thirty-eight RSAF personnel from a training detachment based in Grand Prairie, Texas are assisting in relief operations of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, operating out of Fort Polk in cooperation with the Texas Army National Guard. [ (MINDEF)] [ (CNA)]
*MediaCorp's new movie, "The Maid", will be screened for free to over 500 domestic helpers. [ (CNA)]
*The new President's Design Award will be launched in 2006 to recognise the best designers and designs in Singapore. [ (CNA)]

1 September 2005 (Thursday)

*S R Nathan is sworn in for a second term in the Singapore presidential elections. [ (CNA)]
*Visually-handicapped Kelvin Tan Wei Lian wins Project SuperStar. [ (CNA)]
*The integrated resorts may have their launch delayed till the last week of September. [ (CNA)]

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