Leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party

Leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party

The position of Leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party is one of the more senior positions in Australian state politics, but also the one with the highest failure rate and the highest turnover. The New South Wales branch of the Liberal Party of Australia was founded in 1945, but in the 62 years since its foundation the party has won only six state elections to the Australian Labor Party's 13, and has spent only 18 years in office (1965 to 1976 and 1988 to 1995) to Labor's 44. The majority of the 19 Liberal Leaders have been deposed, either after losing elections or when their colleagues determined they could not win an election. Their average tenure of office has been only 3.3 years. Only five have become Premier of New South Wales, and of those only two (Askin and Greiner) have actually won a state election.

Leaders of the New South Wales Parliamentary Liberal Party

*Reginald Weaver: 1945 (died)
*Alexander Mair: 1945-1946 (resigned)
*Vernon Treatt: 1946-1954 (deposed)
*Murray Robson: 1954-1955 (deposed)
*Pat Morton: 1955-1959 (deposed)
*Robert Askin: 1959-1975 (Premier 1965-1975) (retired undefeated)
*Tom Lewis: 1975-1976 (Premier 1975-1976) (deposed)
*Eric Willis: 1976-1977 (Premier 1975-1976 (defeated, resigned)
*Peter Coleman: 1977-1978 (lost his seat)
*John Mason: 1978-1981 (deposed)
*Bruce McDonald: 1981 (lost his seat)
*John Dowd: 1981-1983 (deposed)
*Nick Greiner 1983-1992 (Premier 1988-1992) (forced to resign)
*John Fahey: 1992-1995 (Premier 1992-1995) (defeated, resigned)
*Peter Collins: 1995-1998 (deposed)
*Kerry Chikarovski: 1998-2002 (deposed)
*John Brogden: 2002-2005 (resigned)
*Peter Debnam: 2005- 2007 (resigned)
* Barry O'Farrell: 2007 - present

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