Zero delta

Zero delta

Zero Delta is a set of enterprise-wide methods that are designed to integrate the corporate planning and strategy formulation processes with initiative and programme execution processes. The objective of Zero Delta is to eliminate the deltas between 'what an organization sets out to accomplish' and 'what an organization actually accomplishes' vis-a-vis its business and operational strategies.

Zero Delta is complementary to Six Sigma, and can be leveraged in concert with Six Sigma methods and their corresponding business practices or can be leveraged as a stand alone set of methods.

The Zero Delta Center for Enterprise Alignment is responsible for conducting research and development activities vis-a-vis Zero Delta and has created a set of software systems designed to automate the methods.

Formal courses on Zero Delta methods are available through:

[ Zero Delta University (Enterprise Alignment & Enterprise Architecture)]

The Zero Delta Center for Enterprise Alignment web site provides more particulars about the various methods and tools leveraged throughout the methodology.

[ Zero Delta Center for Enterprise Alignment (Enterprise Alignment & Enterprise Architecture)]

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