Get Some In!

Get Some In!

infobox television
show_name = Get Some In
format = Comedy
runtime = 30 minutes
creator = John Esmonde
Bob Larbey
starring = Tony Selby
Robert Lindsay
Karl Howman
David Janson
Gerald Ryder
Brian Pettifer
Lori Wells
John D. Collins
country = United Kingdom
network = ITV
first_aired = 1975
last_aired = 1978
num_episodes = 34
imdb_id = 0072504|

"Get Some In!" was a British television series about life in Royal Air Force National Service broadcast between 1975 and 1978 by Thames Television. Scripts were by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey who had previously written "The Good Life". The programme drew its inspiration from National Service comedy "The Army Game", and from nostalgic "Dad's Army", but the RAF setting gave it enough originality not to seem formulaic. Thirty-four (commercial) half-hour episodes were made.

Strangely enough, the series has never been repeated in full on terrestrial TV, although the UKTV Gold cable channel has aired the episodes uncut.

Principal cast and characters

*Corporal Percy Marsh. Corporal, later Sergeant Marsh is the stereotypical Drill Instructor who becomes the bane of the recruits' lives. A man with a sadistic sense of humour, he continually makes his charges lives miserable. Marsh always craves promotion but his own schemes usually backfire preventing him from attaining his goal. Played by Tony Selby

*Jakey Smith, a Teddy Boy from London. Jakey soon finds himself at odds with Corporal Marsh, and dislikes the whole concept of National Service. He has little or no respect for authority but is at heart a decent individual. Played by Robert Lindsay (Series 1–4) and Karl Howman (Series 5).

*Ken Richardson. A former grammar school pupil, Ken is very well mannered much to the disgust of Corporal Marsh. Due to his, by then higher standard of education, he often finds himself on the receiving end of insults from Corporal Marsh such as 'poofhouse' and 'grammar school twit'. Played by David Janson.

*Matthew Lilley. Matthew is the son of a vicar and is also very well mannered. Raised to be god fearing, Matthew is very shy, but often gets flustered at Corporal Marsh's various schemes. Despite this, he tries to forgive him. Played by Gerard Ryder.

*Bruce Leckie. A stereotypical Scotsman from Glasgow. Bruce has a very cynical view of life and always seems to see the worst outcomes in situations. Like Jakey, he does not like being conscripted for National Service. Bruce is very shy around women but eventually falls in love with and finds happiness with Corporal Wendy, though this happiness is short lived as after Bruce completes his basic training they are both posted to different RAF stations. Played by Brian Pettifer.

*Alice Marsh. Corporal Marsh's long suffering wife. She is constantly irritated by her husbands lack of advancement in the RAF. She is also a kind hearted woman and is good to the recruits, much to the irritation of Percy. Played by Lori Wells.

*Squadron Leader Baker. Played by John D. Collins.


*Series 1, 16 October – 27 November 1975, Thu 8:30pm, 7 episodes
*Christmas Special, 25 December 1975, Thu 7:30pm
*Series 2, 28 June – 9 August 1976, Mon 8:00pm, 7 episodes
*Series 3, 6 January – 17 February 1977, Thu 7:05pm, 6 episodes
*Series 4, 16 June – 21 July 1977, Thu 7:00pm, 6 episodes
*Series 5, 6 April – 18 May 1978, Thu 8:00pm, 7 episodes

Series 1–2 were set at fictional Royal Air Force station RAF Skelton. Series 3–4 were set at fictional RAF Midham. Series 5 was set at fictional RAF Druidswater.

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