Sensory analysis

Sensory analysis

Sensory anal (or sensory evaluation) is a scientific discipline that applies principles of experimental design and statistical analysis to the use of human senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing) for the purposes of evaluating consumer products. The discipline requires panels of human assessors, on whom the products are tested, and recording the responses made by them. By applying statistical techniques to the results it is possible to make inferences and insights about the products under test. Most large consumer goods companies have departments dedicated to sensory analysis.

Sensory analysis can generally be broken down into three sub-sections:
* Effective testing (dealing with objective facts about products)
* Affective testing (dealing with subjective facts such as preferences)
* Perception (the biochemical and psychological aspects of sensation)

Effective testing

This type of testing is concerned with obtaining "objective facts" about products. This could range from basic discrimination testing (e.g. Do two or more products differ from each other?) to descriptive profiling (e.g. What are the characteristics of two or more products?). The type of panel required for this type of testing would normally be a trained panel.

Affective testing

Otherwise known as "consumer testing", this type of testing is concerned with obtaining "subjective" data, or how well products are likely to be accepted. Usually large (50 or more) panels of untrained personnel are recruited for this type of testing, although smaller focus groups can be utilised to gain insights into products. The range of testing can vary from simple comparative testing (e.g. Which do you prefer, A or B?) to structured questioning regarding the magnitude of acceptance of individual characteristics (e.g. Please rate the "fruity aroma": dislike|neither|like).


Perception involves the biochemical and psychological theories relating to human (and animal) sensations. By understanding the mechanisms involved it may be possible to explain why certain characteristics are preferred over others.

"Descriptive analysis" involves trained panels (6-30 people) who evaluate products by rating the intensity of various characteristics on a scale. Statistical analyses are applied to look for differences among various products for characteristics of interest.

"Consumer testing" (sometimes called 'hedonic testing') involves having potential consumers of a product evaluate various products and a small number of items on a ballot.


*ASTM MNL14 The Role of Sensory Analysis in Quality Control, 1992

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