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Strumica ( _mk. Струмица, Audio-IPA|Mk-Strumica.ogg| [ˈstrumitsa] ) is a town situated in the south-east of the Republic of Macedonia (close to the Novo Selo-Petrich border crossing with Bulgaria). The population is close to 55,000 with an absolute Macedonian majority (90%). There are all together about 150,000 people living in the region surrounding the city. The city is named after the Strumica river which runs through it. The city of Strumica is a seat of the Strumica municipality.


The town is first mentioned in 2nd century B.C. with the Greek name "Αστραιον" ("Astrayon"). Later it was known by the Latin name "Tiveriopolis". It got its present name from the Slavic settlers. In modern Greek the name is "Στρωμνιτσα" ("Stròmnitsa"). The name in Turkish is "Ustrumca".


In the IX century the town became part of the First Bulgarian Empire and it remained Bulgarian until 1014. After the Battle of Kleidon Strumica was seized by the Byzantine empire.

In 1395 after another two centuries of Bulgarian control it fell under the Ottoman rule. During the National awakening in the second half of the XIX century a Bulgarian school and church opened their doors in the town. According to the 1878 ottoman census the Strumica had 2,400 households with 3,300 muslim and 2,120 Bulgarian citizens. [„Македония и Одринско. Статистика на населението от 1873 г.“ Македонски научен институт, София, 1995, стр.186-187.] In 1895 a IMARO committee was founded in the town by revolutionary leader d-r Hristo Tatarchev. In 1897 Strumica became part of the Bulgarian Exarchate. The census three years later showed that the population consisted of 6,100 Bulgarians, 3,100 Turks, and 700 jews. [ [ Васил Кънчов. „Macedonia. Ethnography and statistics“. Sofia, 1900.] ] The majority of the Christian Bulgarians though sympathised the Constantinopole Greek Patriarchy.

During the First Balkan War the city was liberatedfrom the Turks and for some six years became part of Bulgaria. Following Bulgaria's defeat in World War I, under the 1919 Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine Bulgaria was forced to cede Strumica to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, later to be called Yugoslavia. Strumica was occupied by Bulgarians in World War II. Following the World War II, Strumica remained in Yugoslavia and in 1945 became a part of the newly established Federative People's Republic of Macedonia. This federal republic remained in Yugoslavia until 1991, when it declared its independence as "The Republic of Macedonia".


In present days Strumica is the main agricultural center in the Republic of Macedonia, has many textile factories and developed trade network. Large percent of the goods produced in Strumica are used for export in other cities in the Republic of Macedonia as well as in some European Union countries. One legacy of Strumica once having been a part of Bulgaria is the local dialect. Removed from Standard Macedonian language, its own features would make it unique in any case, but the few decades spent within Bulgaria did pass many Bulgarianisms down to each generation. Strumica is therefore one of the richest area in the Republic of Macedonia. Strumica is developing into modern city and expanding its infrastructure in the last few years. The improvement of infrastructure is also determined by Strumica's geographic position (some convert|20|km|mi|abbr=on|disp=/ from Bulgaria and convert|45|km|mi|abbr=on|disp=/ from Greece).


The population of Strumica mainly consists of Macedonians (about 93%), Romas (about 2%), Turks (about 3%) and others (about 2%).


The city of Strumica has 4 primary schools, 3 high schools, 1 faculty (Agricultural faculty that is a part of Sts. Cyril And Methodius in Skopje).


The new local council and mayor was elected in 2004. The current mayor of Strumica is Mr. Zoran Zaev.


Strumica is also famous for its night life and international events called Strumica Carnival and ASTERFEST (Festival of SEE Film Authors).


Main football clubs are FK Belasica who plays in second division and FC Tiverija who plays in first division. There are also large number of basketball fans in Strumica. Main basketball club today is KK Strumica 2005 with its Sport Director Mr. Mile Milanović and President Mr. Panagiotis Karapiperis. ABA Strumica is the town's team in the Macedonian First Basketball League and vicechampion. Volleyball clubs in Strumica are OK Makedonija - Gio, OK Strumica, and women team OK Makedonija - Maks. Handball team is RK Zomimak-M.


There are 2 private local TV stations operating in Strumica: TV kanal VIS and INTEL Televizija and also 1 Cabel TV operator - KABEL-NET

Night Life

Strumica is also famous for its exciting night life. The city is the home of one of the best clubs and lounges in the Republic of Macedonia. You can find most of the clubs and lounges on "Lebljebedzijska" Street near the town square.

Notable people from Strumica


The ethereal world musical group Stellamara titled the last song on their The Seven Valleys studio album in honor of Strumica.


External links

* [ Official Strumica Government Website]
* [ Strumica basic information]
* [ Official Book from 2002 Census of population see page 35]

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