Zhou Chaochen

Zhou Chaochen

Zhou Chaochen ( _zh. 周巢塵; born November 1, 1937) is a Chinese computer scientist.

Chaochen is a professor from Beijing, China. He studied as an undergraduate at the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, Peking University (1954–1958) and as a postgraduate at the Institute for Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) (1963–1967).

He worked at Peking University and CAS until his visit to the Oxford University Computing Laboratory (1989–1992). During this time he was the prime instigator of the Duration Calculus, an interval logic for real-time systems as part of the European ESPRIT ProCoS project on Provably Correct Systems.

During the periods 19901992 and 19951996, Chaochen he was a visiting professor at the Department of Computer Science, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, at the invitation of Professor Dines Bjørner. He became Director of UNU-IIST in Macau (19972002), having been a Principal Research Fellow (1992–1997), before his retirement back to Beijing.

Zhou Chaochen is married with two children.

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